Schools begin preparing for unusual school beginning.

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Wheelersburg shares their start of school plan.

Wheelersburg shares their start of school plan.

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Bloom-Vernon Schools submit an opening plan.

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SCIOTO — Schools are doing what they can to prepare for school in the fall. There is still so much unknown at this time, especially if Scioto County moves into different levels of the COVID-19 policies. Wednesday, Governor Mike DeWine placed the entire state of Ohio under a mask mandate with no time set for how long.

To date, only Bloom Vernon Local and Wheelersburg have posted their plans, with the rest posting questionnaires to their students and families. When other schools in Scioto County post their plans, the Portsmouth Daily Times will keep you updated.

The following is a summary of the plan for Bloom-Vernon Local Schools startup 2020-2021, the full version can be found on the Bloom-Vernon School website

“The Bloom-Vernon restart guide is designed to address the health and safety guidelines that are needed to help protect our staff, students, and community while still allowing for the most appropriate method of educating our students. This document has been created based on the recommendations from the American Association of Pediatrics, the Ohio Health Department, the Ohio Department of Education, parent survey results and the staff of Bloom-Vernon Local. Our startup plan was developed with input from teachers, parents, staff and health officials. Our plan follows guidance from Governor DeWine, the American Association of Pediatrics, the Ohio Department of Health, and local health officials.”

Parents that are not comfortable sending their child to school will enroll their child in remote online learning on a semester basis.

The following are the guidelines in place depending on the county COVID designation and district level of concern.

Yellow Level -Students will attend school five days a week and follow the safety guidelines.

Students will be required to wear a mask while riding the school bus and the district will do its best to maximize the distance between families during the bus route. If possible, It is recommended that parents drop-off and pickup their child at school to limit exposure. School staff will wear masks or face-shields during the school day.

Parents will need to complete a daily health assessment check for their child before dropping them off or putting them on the school bus. Jr/Sr High School students will be permitted to complete their own survey. Students that have a temperature over 100.0 will not be permitted on the school bus or in the school building. Students that are found to have a temperature while at school will be immediately isolated for further evaluation and someone will need to pick up the child.

Students that test positive for COVID-19 will not be allowed in school or activities for 14 days. The school will be in contact with the Scioto County Health Department for their determination on quarantines.

Students will maintain 6 feet distance whenever possible, including during class and in the hallways.

Student desks will be placed at least 6 feet apart in classrooms. If the social distancing of 6 feet is not possible, i.e., science labs, then students will have to wear a mask.

School lunches will basically in the classrooms.

Orange/Red Level (Current Countywide Level)

Students will attend in person lessons two days out of the week and two days will be remote learning. One group will attend on M/W and the other on T/Thursday Students in grades Preschool-second grade will attend in person Monday-Thursday. An at-risk district list of students will also be permitted to attend in person four days per week. Remote learning will be dictated by the teacher and may include live classroom broadcasts, pre-recorded lessons, or guided individualized assignments.

School staff will wear masks or face-shields during the school day. Students will maintain 4-6 feet distance whenever possible and students in grades 3-12 will need to wear a mask or face shield. Student desks will be placed 4-6 feet apart in classrooms.

Purple Level – Students will not report to the buildings. All learning will take place remotely in accordance with the district remote learning plan. Wi-Fi access is available in school parking lots for those that do not have home access.

School Transportation – To start the 2020-2021 school year, we will be following guidance from Governor DeWine and health officials in order to open school as safely as possible. In order to transport students as safe as possible. Bus drivers and students will be required to wear face masks while on the bus

Starting the 2020-2021 school year, amid the COVID-19 Pandemic, there will be two options for students to attend school. Students can either attend school in person at the school or students can complete virtual schooling online. The decision made will be a commitment for the first semester and can be changed at the completion of the first semester.

The Wheelersburg schools have a full 10 page post on their Wheelersburg schools website and many of the things set up for the Bloom-Vernon Schools program set up are the same.

“Wheelersburg Local Schools is currently finishing up the development of our restart plan for the 2020-2021 school year. This site will be our main site for all information in relation to the COVID-19 virus and how the district plans to operate. This is a fluid situation and things can change on a moment’s notice. While we cannot anticipate every scenario we will make our best efforts to use this site to keep the community informed.”

Wheelersburg did list a more detailed list of movement of students during the school day and states mainly that movement will be limited and controlled as much as possible. They also list the limitation of large gatherings within the school day and will not happen unless and emergency exists under the red that Scioto County is in now. Things like gym will be had outside as much as possible.

Wheelersburg’s bus and school instruction plans are very similar to that of Bloom-Vernon. Both schools mention the availability of hand sanitizer and the cleaning of areas many times throughout the school day.

Wheelersburg shares their start of school plan. shares their start of school plan. Courtesy Photos

Bloom-Vernon Schools submit an opening plan. Schools submit an opening plan. Courtesy Photos

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