Dunne and Smith help place Spartan Stadium on Preservation Ohio Endangered List

Shoemaker, Vemsani showcased

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Dr. Lavanya Vemsani

Dr. Lavanya Vemsani

Professor Kurt Shoemaker

PORTSMOUTH, Ohio – Thanks to the works of Shawnee State University’s Sean Dunne, Associate Professor of Social Sciences, and SSU student, Jacob Smith, Spartan Municipal Stadium has been placed on the Preservation Ohio Endangered List of 2017.

The Spartan Municipal Stadium is located on James Street in Portsmouth, Ohio, and was home of the former NFL football team who are now known as the Detroit Lions. Being placed on the Preservation Ohio Endangered List will help to save the stadium as is it currently requires renovation.

On top of Dunne and Smith’s efforts, SSU students have been working hard to restore the stadium to its former glory. Dr. Dunne has spoken with multiple NFL teams, the NFL Hall of Fame, NFL Film and the NFL Foundation about preserving the Spartan Municipal Stadium. All of their work has attracted responses from multiple media outlets and an ESPN producer.

“Being placed on this list is such a great accomplishment because I do believe that it will assist in the renovation of the stadium. While it does not provide immediate funding, being on the list will help with future grant applications and appeals for funding,” said Dr. Dunne. “I think this accomplishment also shows just how much SSU students have to offer and all that they can contribute back to the area.”

Preservation Ohio is Ohio’s oldest statewide historic preservation organization. It was established in 1982 to enhance the understanding of and appreciation for Ohio’s historic resources and to serve as a focal point for Ohio organizations, municipalities, corporations and individuals who care about these resources and are concerned about preservation for future generations.

For more information about Preservation Ohio, please visit www.preserveohio.com.

For more information about how to help preserve the Spartan Municipal Stadium with SSU, please contact Dunne at sdunne@shawnee.edu.

SSU’s Shoemaker attends Geological Society of America

Kurt Shoemaker, Professor of Geology, attended the Geological Society of America (GSA) Annual Meeting this past October in Seattle, Washington.

At the conference, Dr. Shoemaker presented two presentations, “An Outrageous Hypothesis for the Origin of Pleistocene ‘Dunes’ in the Ohio Valley at Sandy Springs, Ohio and Vanceburg, Kentucky,” and “Stream Piracy in the Teays River System Prior to the Impoundment of Pleistocene Lake Tight: The Evolution of the Tygarts Creek and Little Sandy River Drainage Basins of Northeast Kentucky.”

These presentations focused on the evolution of the Ohio Valley over the last five million years. The “Stream Piracy of the Teays River System Prior to the Impoundment of the Pleistocene Lake Tight” presentation is the product of an undergraduate research project conducted by two SSU Geology majors, Rebecca Boyd and Jessica Leesburg.

“For a small undergraduate institution, Shawnee State University had a terrific presence at this year’s GSA Annual Meeting. There were a total of nine people to represent Shawnee State – two geology professors, five students and two alumni,” said Dr. Shoemaker.

Dr. Erik Larson, Assistant Professor of Geology at SSU, and two of his research students also presented at the 2017 GSA Annual Meeting.

The GSA is an international scientific society established in 1888. Their meetings, publications and programs have enhanced the professional growth of geoscientists and fostered geoscientist stewardship and service. GSA encourages cooperative research and public dialogue on geoscience issues and supports all levels of earth-science education.

The Faculty Enrichment Grant is provided through the SSU Development Foundation which sponsored travel funds to the 2017 GSA Annual Meeting.

SSU’s Vemsani presented at Ohio State University

Dr. Lavanya Vemsani, Professor of History and Religious Studies, presented “India: A New History,” on Thursday, Nov. 16 at The Ohio State University.

For a nation of its size and multiplicity, India needs a comprehensive treatment of its history, and Dr. Vemsani’s lecture provided a brief critique of the histories of India and her current project. Her presentation focused on the historical premise of India, its past histories, theoretical constructions, while underlining the need for a new history of India.

Dr. Vemsani has taught at SSU for 10 years and has taught both history and religious courses, such as World History, History of India, Gandhi and Modern Indian and Hinduism. She is currently working on another book focusing on India in world history and editing a collection of essays on Indian religions.

Dr. Vemsani holds two doctorates in Religious Studies from McMaster University located in Hamilton, Canada, and in History from the University of Hyderabad in Hyderabad, India. She is also the author of Hindu and Jain Mythology of Balarama and has published a number of articles on early history and religions of India.

Dr. Lavanya Vemsani
https://www.portsmouth-dailytimes.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/28/2017/11/web1_Vemsani.jpgDr. Lavanya Vemsani

Professor Kurt Shoemaker
https://www.portsmouth-dailytimes.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/28/2017/11/web1_Shoemaker-11.22.2017.jpgProfessor Kurt Shoemaker
Shoemaker, Vemsani showcased

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