Shawnee State University receives renewal in accreditation

Shawnee State University received a five-year renewal of its bachelor of science in business administration degree in Long Term Health Care Administration (HCA) accreditation from The National Association of Long Term Care Administrator Boards (NAB).

SSU is one of only fourteen accredited programs in the United States that meets NAB’s standards for the education and training of students in long term care administration.

Traditionally, it was a program for nursing home administrators, but SSU will now incorporate new NAB standards in the coming years. A new credential, the Health Service Executive (HSE), will be awarded by NAB to those who demonstrate competencies in education, experience and examination across the lines of service in facility and community based care. Applicants for the HSE credential must meet and/or exceed the current requirements of licensure to practice as a nursing home administrator (NHA), an assisted living administrator (RCAL) and an administrator practicing in the field of home and community based services (HBCS) in the majority of U.S. jurisdictions to receive the HSE credential.

The goal is to ensure administrators in the future are well educated and competent to lead in a variety of programs and organizations serving individuals who are older and/or disabled.

To learn more about the HCA program at SSU, please contact Sarah Boehle, PhD, LNHA, LSW, and Assistant Professor of HCA at SSU, by calling 740.351.3605 or by email at [email protected]

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