SSU welcomes Dr. Yuanheng Wang

Staff Report

The Mathematics Department at Shawnee State University is pleased to welcome Dr. Yuanheng Wang as a Visiting Scholar.

Dr. Wang has been a professor in the College of Mathematics, Physics and Information Science at Zhejiang Normal University located in China since 2001. Currently Zhejiang Normal University has 48,600 students enrolled there with around 2,830 staff and faculty members. He has taught over 20 advanced math courses and advised over 20 post-baccalaureate students. In addition to teaching, Dr. Wang has also served as a senator of Zhejiang Province for over five years. He has also been awarded the National Natural Science Fund of China.

While at Shawnee State, Dr. Wang will be working alongside Dr. Jinlu Li, Professor of Mathematical Sciences at SSU, in a joint research project. Together, Dr. Li and Dr. Wang will study the convexity, the generalized projection operator, the duality operators and the hyperplanes in Banach spaces. Part of their research will focus on new concepts of Schauder basis in both the separable and non-separable Banach spaces with some convex-concave properties.

Dr. Wang will remain at SSU until Sept. 5, 2017. He and Dr. Li hope to publish several articles based on their research.

Dr. Wang’s office is housed in the Mathematical Science Department in the Administration Building.

Staff Report