Lucasville woman arrested for child endangerment had prior record

By Patrick Keck - [email protected]

LUCASVILLE — The Scioto County Sheriff’s Office arrested a Lucasville woman last Saturday on accounts of child endangerment. In documents released to the Portsmouth Daily Times, it was revealed that Mary Beth Carver had a prior criminal record.

On July 4, 2003, officers responded to a property dispute between Carver and her boyfriend. After requesting identification, an officer found marijuana in her purse and schedule III drugs on her person as she searched for her ID. The situation escalated between the couple, ultimately leading Carver to say, “That’s it! You’re dead! I’ll kill you! You’re dead!” to her boyfriend.

She was charged on two accounts of drug abuse and a domestic threat.

In May 2009, Carver attacked a woman with a metal pipe, waking up the victim by hitting her and threatening her with more violence. Suffering bruises to her neck and back, the victim knew Carver, but did not know why she had been attacked. It was later revealed to authorities that Carver had been dating the victim’s ex-boyfriend. Carver was charged with felonious assault.

In addition to these charges, she was arrested on multiple occasions between 2006 and 2008 related to stealing from unlocked cars, violating her husband’s temporary protective order and civil protective order.

Scioto County Sheriff Marty V. Donini said officers reported to Greenbriar Road on August 15, following a 911 call from a male stating that a female had busted his window out of his house and that she was bleeding and walking down the road with three small children. A second 911 call came in that a female with three naked children were standing in his yard and that they were all covered in blood.

They found a very combative Carver at the scene, appearing to be under the influence of drugs while being treated by the emergency medical staff. Deputies observed the children appeared to be under the age of four and discovered an unresponsive infant lying in a ditch.

One commenter on the Daily Times’ Facebook post claimed to reach out to Scioto County Children Services to conduct a wellness check at the Lucasville home. We reached out to SCCS to confirm this, but Director Jason Mantell said they are not allowed to disclose any information as its an ongoing investigation.

Anyone with information on this case should contact Detective Jodi Conkel @ 740-351-1091.

By Patrick Keck – [email protected]

Reach Patrick Keck (740)-353-3501 ext. 1931, by email at [email protected], or on Twitter @pkeckreporter.

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Reach Patrick Keck (740)-353-3501 ext. 1931, by email at [email protected], or on Twitter @pkeckreporter.

© 2020 Portsmouth Daily Times, all rights reserved.