Shade Tree Commission gathers list of trees needing pruned or replaced

On September 18 the City of Portsmouth Shade Tree Commission held its monthly meeting.

Will Burke suggested that in the future when dealing with property owners, the commission should name a couple of specific trees that are acceptable to use as city approved tree replacements. The property owner would then choose from the trees that we recommend. Diana Ratliff is going to bring a tree list to the next meeting for review.

Logan Minter reminded the commission that contractors are the ones who are required to obtain a permit to remove or prune city trees according to a change in October 2018. Ratliff reviewed the list of city trees that are being replaced because they are dead or dying. Minter added more details to that list after he walked and surveyed the downtown area.

Among those on the list were

  • The sweetgum on 4th Street near DESCO that needs deadwood trimmed from its center.
  • Two Norway maples (King Crimson) on 3rd Street by Community Action were recommended to be replaced. The Norway maples were hit on July 4th and one is just a stump and the other is dying.
  • A large sycamore near McKinley pool that was trimmed earlier this year may still need some attention.

The commission is still working on tree recommendations for Greenlawn Cemetery. Minter volunteered to update a list of trees that need to be removed from there because they are dead or dying.

Minter shared details about the grant he is working on for funding from the Scioto Foundation. It is a community project with several partners and will facilitate tree mapping (GIS) so people can tour the area’s tree trails, starting with Greenlawn Cemetery. Sue Burke is giving Logan a letter of support from the shade tree commission. The tree commission will supply some tree tagging materials for the project too.

Ann Bonner and Minter independently surveyed trees at 1832 Franklin Avenue as a homeowner requested permission to remove and replace them. The trees in question are large pin oaks. Both Bonner and Minter independently concluded that the trees are structurally sound and would benefit from pruning.

Those in attendance were Ann Bonner, Sue Burke, Diana Ratliff, Joseph Pratt, RL Mohl (guest), Sean Dunne, Will Burke, Carrie Massie, Logan Minter, and John Crews (SSU Tree Committee). Jack Tackett was not at the meeting to give the City Service Director report.