Police ID shooting victim as girl, 19

Shooter still on the loose

By Tom Corrigan - tcorrigan@aimmediamidwest.com

On Friday, police release further information on the shooting which took place just after midnight early the morning of Wednesday, Oct. 30 in the area of Scioto Trail and the 2600 block of Ritchie Street.

In a report, police identified the victim as 19-year-old Kellie Jo Prince of Portsmouth. Police have arrested one suspect; however, he is not charged directly with shooting Prince. Judging from reports, that person has not been identified and is possibly still on the run.

In the meantime, police arrested Hassan Olajuwon Purdie, 21, also of Portsmouth, charging him with having weapons while under disability, a third-degree felony.

Purdie was picked up by officers in the 2600 block of Ritchie Street following the shooting on the front porch of 2619 Ritchie Street screaming his girlfriend had been shot.

The suspect allegedly was found to have been with Prince at 2630 Scioto Trail, when she was shot. Purdie informed police he and Prince went to the address to purchase marijuana and after they arrived outside the residence, they found themselves being shot at and Prince was struck in the back. The suspect stated he had a handgun and he shot back one time at the unidentified suspect who Purdie claimed was shooting at he and Prince.

Police also stated they found Prince’s car containing what were described as “obvious” bullet holes parked outside the Southern Ohio Medical Center where she had driven herself.

Police said Purdie ran from the immediate area of Scioto Trail and threw his hand gun on the ground in the 2600 block of Ritchie Street. Officers said they recovered a Smith & Wesson .380 pistol on the ground in the area where Purdie said he tossed it. They further returned to the home in front of which the shooting allegedly took place and stated they found numerous rifle shell casings inside the residence.

Police noted Purdie is currently under indictment in Scioto County for drug trafficking and was previously convicted of robbery in Dayton in 2012. On Wednesday, police also brought in another subject they believe witnessed the incident. That person was not charged with any crime.

In other police news:


– Police arrested a Portsmouth woman, Kristin Scott Slack, 22, in connection with two incidents of domestic violence. Those incidents allegedly took place in the 300 block of Dunlap Road.


– At around 8 p.m., police received a report of a “construction type truck” which had just struck a guardrail on U.S. 52. Police later found the truck with the driver allegedly passed out at the wheel as it rolled down the street with other cars going around it. Police stated they searched the suspect’s truck and among other things located a clear plastic baggie with what the suspect said was marijuana, as well as uncovering numerous hypodermic syringes and a small clear plastic baggie containing an unknown white powdery substance. Mark K. Buckler, 42, of Wheelersburg was charged with driving under the influence and driving under suspension. He may face further charges after police test the white materials found in his car.

– At around 9 p.m., police responded to the 2100 block of Vinton Avenue in reference to an allegedly drunken male. Officers arrested James Henry Wilson, 47, of Portsmouth for disorderly conduct. They described the suspect as noticeably intoxicated, unsteady on his feet, drooling, and smelling strongly of alcohol and urine.

– At just after 7 p.m., police responded to but were unable to locate a fight in the area of Grandview Avenue and Grant Street. They did notice a suspect pacing back and forth in what they described as a nervous state. Officers said the suspect was acting erratically and began resisting while police tried to handcuff him. Portsmouth man Jonah Miller, 19, allegedly told police he had dropped his dope and kept complaining someone was following him. He was arrested for disorderly conduct and described as a possible risk to himself and others.

– Police attempting to serve a warrant for failure to appear ended up not only arresting the suspect, Portsmouth man Dustin Carver, 33, but also Lenda Gay Carver, 61, also of Portsmouth for obstruction of justice after she allegedly lied about Dustin Carver’s presence in the 4000 block of Devers Street.

Shooter still on the loose

By Tom Corrigan


Reach Tom Corrigan at (740) 370-0715. © 2019 Portsmouth Daily Times, all rights reserved.

Reach Tom Corrigan at (740) 370-0715. © 2019 Portsmouth Daily Times, all rights reserved.