Route of 100 mph police chase includes school zone

Police were attempting to arrest man on county warrant

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At just before noon Oct. 2, an attempt by police to serve a warrant from the Scioto County Sheriff’s office turned into what Portsmouth police say was in excess of a 100 mph pursuit westbound out of the city on SR 52.

The route of the roughly five-mile chase took the suspect and police through a Portsmouth West school zone and at least close to Earl Thomas Conley Park.

A report states police spotted the suspect, Charles Chester Sanford, 48, of West Portsmouth, deliberately trying to avoid the gaze a police officer while passing through the intersection of 12th and Offnere streets. Noting what they said was suspicious behavior, police ran the suspect’s plates, which came back as belonging to Sanford, who had an active warrant for his arrest.

Police say they attempted a traffic stop and Sanford initially appeared to be pulling over and stopping. He then allegedly, suddenly cut his steering wheel to the left, crossed two lanes of traffic and drove into the turnaround behind the Osco plant. Police said he then headed towards the intersection of 11th and Chillicothe streets. Police lost him for a time, then spotted him again headed west on 12th.

“As we left the city our speeds were in excess of 100 mph,” the police report reads in part. “As we passed through the Portsmouth West school zone, the driver went left of center and drove down the suicide lane (middle turn lane.)”

Shortly after the driver allegedly went left of center, and as the pursuit approached Conley Park, the officer in pursuit was advised to terminate that pursuit but follow at a safe distance. The officer followed Sanford to his home on Stoney Run Road. When he exited his car, police stated he was arrested at gunpoint.

Sanford is charged with failure to comply. The public police report on the pursuit does not state the offense for which the warrant was issued. At one point, the report talks about police notifying the sheriff’s office in reference to a crash report due to a vehicle hitting a house but offers no further details. Police were not available for further comment by deadline for this issue.

In other police news:


Criminal Damaging: At just before 4 p.m., police responded to a report of criminal damaging at the Long John Silver’s restaurant, 1102 Chillicothe St. Police stated they spoke with a restaurant employee in reference to alleged damage done to the restaurant’s roof.

At an unclear time on apparently the same day, officers responded to the report of two males dancing on the roof of the restaurant. The suspects reportedly disappeared before police arrived. The employee told police she believes the men set the roof on fire in several different locations. Police stated there was damage done to the roof, but it was unclear if that damage was recent. Officers reported employees never contacted the Portsmouth Fire Department. Police stated they were marking the report as inactive until or unless more information surfaces.

Burglary: A laptop and an electric guitar, total value of about $500 are the items stolen during a burglary police said occurred during the day in the 5700 block of Stewart Avenue. A report states the victim’s son called her to say someone had kicked in their front door and the listed items were missing. Police said they had no witnesses or suspects.

Drugs: Two persons ended up arrested on drug charges after police responded to a report of a possible overdose and alleged drug activity in 1600 block of Kendall Avenue.

A police report states by the time officers arrived on the scene, the Portsmouth Fire Department already had administered Narcan to both suspects. Police say they easily spotted various items of drug use paraphernalia scattered around the residence. Timothy Jennings, 55, of Portsmouth and Deanna Jennings, 50, of Lucasville, both were arrested for possession of drug abuse instruments.


Drugs: A report states officers responded around 3 p.m. to report of a man acting strangely in the 1900 block of Seventh Street. Police say the suspect, Mitchell R. Coleman, 31, of Portsmouth showed clear signs of being under the influence. A report alleges an officer spotted a syringe protruding from his pocket. Coleman was arrested, charged with possessing drug abuse instruments.

At shortly after 7 p.m., police received a call of a female passing in and out on the front steps of a residence in the 2500 block of 17th Street. According to a report, the suspect, Ashley R. Munion, 30, of Portsmouth, allegedly told police she had abused methamphetamine. Police say they spotted a clear plastic baggie with some type of residue on the front porch near the suspect. Because of her intoxicated condition, police said they took her for evaluation to Southern Ohio Medical Center.

Criminal Damaging: A report says an unknown suspect damaged at least one mailbox in the 200 block of Thomas Avenue during an attempt to break into a number of mailboxes in the immediate area. Police were not able to gain any information regarding a suspect. While the mailbox was damaged, nothing was reported stolen.


Drugs: At around 8 p.m. a report says police responded to a possible OD at an address in the 2500 block of Scioto Trail. Upon their arrival, police said city firefighters already were on the scene. The suspect was awake, alert and refusing any medical treatment. Officers also say they easily spotted numerous items of drug paraphernalia scattered around the residence. Allegedly, when officers informed Mollie Rae Chabot of her impending arrest, she became belligerent and had to be physically removed from the home. Chabot, 27, of Portsmouth, was arrested for possessing drug abuse instruments.

Police were attempting to arrest man on county warrant

Staff Report

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© 2019 Portsmouth Daily Times, all rights reserved.