Woman claims domestic violence, unwilling to press charges

Portsmouth police on Friday provided the following reports of their activities on Thursday of this week. These reports are not indicative of all local police activity.

Domestic incident: A female complainant, age not given in police reports, called officers about 2 p.m. from her residence in the 1200 block of Waller Street. The woman told officials she had been allowing a Columbus man, whom she knew only by a street name, to stay in her apartment since December of last year. She told police the man and his associates took her keys and turned her apartment into a base of operations from which to sell illegal drugs. According to the police report, she advised the man “consistently abuses her mentally and physically.”

Despite her complaints, officers noted for whatever reason the woman refused multiple offers for medical treatment. She also refused to cooperate with police to bring a domestic violence charge against her apparent roommate. Without a cooperative witness, police said no charges were filed and a report taken for information only.

Drunk and disorderly: Police on patrol in a marked cruiser said they noticed a man allegedly staggering down the street near Tracy Park. Reports say a female began to run down the street after the man and officers approached both near the corner of 20th and Waller streets. According to police, the suspect, Joseph Stotridge, told them he was on his way to his girlfriend’s home. The reporting officer said he contacted the woman who informed him she did not want the suspect at her home if he had been drinking. Stotridge was placed in custody for disorderly conduct as the reporting officer considered him a possible danger to himself and/or others. He was taken to the Scioto County Jail.

Police arrested a man, age not given, about 4:44 p.m., in the 800 block of 10th Street after allegedly observing him passed out and sleeping on the curb and sidewalk just outside Tracy Park. The reporting officer said he made a few attempts to wake the man and once he did so, allegedly noticed very slurred speech, bloodshot eyes and reported the man had a difficult time standing. Like the other suspect arrested near Tracy Park, the reporting officer arrested Denny Howard as he feared the suspect was a danger to himself and/or others.

Fight: Police said they were unable to determine who was the primary assailant in an alleged fight between two sisters taking place in the 1600 block of Seventh Street around 8 p.m. Because both parties claimed the other as the aggressor and police reported they could determine no further information, no arrests were made and took a report for information purposes only.

Scioto County Sheriff’s Office

The following persons were among those taken to the Scioto County Jail Thursday, according to the sheriff’s office:

Alvin Branham, 48, of Portsmouth, arrested by Portsmouth police on three counts of failure to appear, one count of using a weapon under disability and carrying a concealed weapon.

John E. Milstead, 48, of Portsmouth, arrested by the sheriff’s office for disorderly conduct.

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© 2019 Portsmouth Daily Times, all rights reserved.