City police report three alleged rapes; little information released

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The Portsmouth Police Department Wednesday morning supplied the Daily Times with daily police logs from late June through July 3. The most notable offenses are three alleged instances of rape, including two which were reported to police on July 1.

The first report is dated June 24 and lists the call location as the Scioto County Jail. However, that does not necessarily mean that location is where the alleged incident took place. Likewise, the call location for the initial July 1 incident is listed as the Portsmouth Police Department. It seems likely that is where police accepted the rape report but unlikely that is where the incident occurred.

The third and final rape report also is dated July 1, with the call location being in the 400 block of Bloom Street. Initial reports contain absolutely no further information. The Daily Times has put in a request for more information on these incidents and will report those details if and when they become available.

The initial reports further listed three shootings and one stabbing, all of which allegedly occurred from June 24 to June 27. Again, the Daily Times will follow up on these incidents as soon as more information is made available from city police.

In other police news:

On June 14, police arrested a juvenile, age not released, in connection with an alleged shooting in the 700 block of Adams Street at around 3:40 p.m. The victim is listed as Elbert Adkins, 47, of Portsmouth.

According to police, Adkins attempted to intervene in an apparent argument between the suspect, Adkins’ daughter and one of her friends. The victim told police the suspect threatened his daughter with a baseball bat. The suspect ran into a home and retrieved what was described as a long black revolver. Reports state after retrieving the firearm the victim shot the weapon, apparently into the air, causing Adkins to turn and face him. According to the victim, the suspect was now pointing a weapon at him.

The victim’s daughter told police the suspect did fire at her father and shortly thereafter fled the scene. Police say they recovered the weapon used in the incident and a DNA sample was collected from the suspect and from the weapon. The suspect was arrested at the site of the alleged incident and transported to the Ross County Detention Facility by the Scioto County Sheriff’s Department.

Because the suspect is a juvenile, the Daily Times is not releasing his name. Police reports did not mention the condition of the victim.

Assault: At around 9:30 p.m., June 10 police arrested the person who called them to the scene of a physical altercation in the 600 block of Fifth Street. After speaking with both the supposed victim and the alleged assailant, police determined, based reports said, on statements and the degree of injuries suffered by both men, that the victim was the aggressor in the altercation. Arrested and charged with assault was José Ayala of Portsmouth, whose age was not given in public police reports. The alleged victim was another male Portsmouth resident. Again, no age was given. City paramedics treated both men for what police described as primarily minor injuries.

Burglary: Police say on June 10 in the 1500 block of Poplar Street, a female victim, at home alone, age not reported, told police an unknown white male walked into her home. The woman reportedly screamed at the man, advising him she had a one-year-old child inside the home. The victim told police the man left through the front door. Allegedly missing from the home was about $800 in jewelry and clothing along with other small items. Police listed no suspect in the incident and listed the report as closed due to a lack of further information.

Overdose/ drug-related: Police and firefighters responded just a few minutes past noon on June 12 to report of an overdose in the men’s room of the Kroger store on Gay Street. The victim was transported by firefighters for medical care. Reports do not mention any charges.

On June 16, police responded to the report of a possible overdose or drug incident in the 2800 block of Gallia Street. Officers and stated they found a woman walking in the street wearing only a bra. The woman was transferred as “Jane Doe” to Southern Ohio Medical Center for treatment. Reports did not mention anything about charges.

Grand Theft Auto: A 2004 Chevy Trailblazer was reported stolen June 15 from the 900 block of 11th Street. The vehicle was valued at approximately $5,000.

Staff Report

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