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The National Weather Service Office in Wilmington, Ohio is working closely with the Scioto County Emergency Management Agency on possible extreme heat concerns for the citizens this weekend. Plans are in place to open a cooling shelter over the weekend if conditions worsen.

Heat and humidity will begin to build over the region today as heat index values are expected to reach the middle to upper 90s during the afternoon. Even warmer conditions will be possible on Saturday and Sunday, with more hot and humid conditions possible through early next week.

Anyone planning on being outside should take frequent breaks, and drink plenty of fluids. Remember to check on the elderly and people without air conditioning.

The combination of high humidity and temperatures can lead to heat-related illness and even death. Heat stress occurs when the body cannot effectively cool itself. According to the Ohio Department of Health, conditions that can limit the body’s ability to regulate temperature in hot weather are old age, obesity, fever, dehydration, heart disease, poor circulation, sunburn and drug and alcohol use.

Additionally, high temperatures increase the energy demand for cooling, prompting a strain on transmission lines, and subsequently creating the potential for power outages. Power outages during periods of excessive heat have dangerous ramifications for impacted populations.

With the high temperatures, officials state they want to ensure citizens, especially the elderly, have access the clean safe drinking water, during the present disruptions in water service. While all boil advisories have been lifted and the water is safe to drink, many citizens are still affected by water with discoloration, sediment or rust, which may discourage them from drinking adequate amounts of water.

For residents living in Portsmouth, Rosemount, or West Portsmouth still suffering from water that is discolored or has rust and sediment issues or have disrupted service, free tap water is available for fill up at the water filtration plant in New Boston. Bring your own jugs to fill up. If you have special needs, or unable to leave your home to purchase water or fill up at the filtration plant please call the Portsmouth City Health Department Info line for bottled water.

A 24/7 call line has been set up by Portsmouth City Health Department to answer any questions from community members. Call 740-354-8931. For additional information on heat safety go to:

Staff Report