Shawnee State’s Emily Colegrove receives Dean’s Award

Staff report

PORTSMOUTH — Majoring in Science Education, Emily Colegrove (Hometown: South Point, OH) participated in this year’s Celebration of Scholarship conference. Presenting her research project, “How societies reactions to AppE might cause it to disappear and a few ways we can change that” was recognized with the presentation of a Dean’s Award.

“I presented on exploring the differences between Appalachian dialect and standard English, AppE’s background and its different features, and how they are divergent from standard English,” she said.

Using the COS conference as an opportunity to further explore ideas within her studies, Colegrove was thankful for the skills she strengthened throughout the process.

“The experience meant I got a chance to see how a conference paper should look, how I should format it, and what it means to share research in a professional place,” she said. “It was wonderful experience to be able to be a part of the Celebration of Scholarship conference. It was also a wonderful thing to be able to work with my mentor in learning and receiving advice for how to participate in the conference.”

Working with her mentor to efficiently apply her education in the classroom to her research, Colegrove appreciated the guidance provided.

“I had a wonderful mentor to guide me along the process of applying my work to the conference,” said Colegrove. “Therefore, the process was nicer than I thought it might be in working and applying for the conference.”

The Dean’s Awards are chosen based on faculty nominations by the Deans of the College of Professional Studies and the College of Arts & Sciences for outstanding research papers.

“To be recognized with the Deans’ Award is amazing,” she said. “It means a lot to me.”

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Staff report