Date of primary remains unchanged-for now

Scioto County Commissioner’s contests will be on May ballot

By Bill Shope - For The Daily Times

SCIOTO — With the Ohio primary election now just less than two weeks away, a great deal of confusion remains as to what and who, will be on each precinct ballot in almost every county in the state.

The Portsmouth Daily Times had the chance to ask Julia Gearhart, Executive Director of the Scioto County Board of Elections who answered with what would not be on our ballots in Scioto County.

“I know people here have been hearing in the news that the date of the primary election might be changed in Ohio or even having the election without the General Assembly races not being on the May 3 ballot. We have been directed by the Ohio Secretary of State, Frank LaRose, to go forward with the May 3 primary, without the General Assembly on the ballots. Therefore, three races for voters in Scioto County will not be on the upcoming ballot-the 90th District, the State Central Committeewoman and the State Central Committeeman.”

LaRose had this to say about the redistricting mess for legislative maps that have thrown the primary into a chaotic state; “The court’s latest ruling has no impact on that (May 3 primary) election at all, and contests for statewide, congressional and local offices and issues will proceed as scheduled. This ruling only impacts state legislative and political party central committee contests, which have yet to be scheduled.”

Races that will appear on our local slate on the first Tuesday in May will include contests featuring the Governor’s office, Attorney General, Auditor of State, Secretary of State, Treasurer of State, Ohio Supreme Court, United States Senate, U.S. Rep. to Congress and additional Judicial and municipal candidates. Locally that means the primary for Scioto County Commissioner as well as an item for those living in the city of Portsmouth (roads) and an item (tax levy) for voters in Porter Township.

On the Republican primary ballot, voters will have the opportunity to vote in two contested commissioner races. Scioto County Commissioner Bryan Davis is up for reelection and running against Oran Crabtree for one of two County Commissioner seats. The other seat held by Commissioner Scottie Powell is also up for election and is running against Keith Crabtree.

On the Democratic primary ballot running unopposed for County Commissioner is Josh Lawson.

“We are moving forward with the May 3 primary, absentee voting and early voting is underway in our Board of Elections office from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. every day until the final week, where we will be open until 7 p.m.,” Gearhart declared.

The Director did share despite her office being prepared for whatever came down from LaRose’s office, absentee voting “has been very slow. We are encouraging people to get out and vote and support the candidate and cause of your choice.”

Gearhart added that she felt that the low absentee and early voting numbers were due to the uncertainty of the date of the primary election.

“Oh yes, absolutely- I think early on, registered voters heard rumors that the date of the primary would be changed and that was confusing to some. Now, we are definitely going to have to have another primary election for those three races I mentioned earlier, but we do not have the exact date from the Ohio Secretary of State’s office on when that will take place, although I have heard this coming August is a strong possibility, but May 3 is still a go and we are voting.”

Gearhart also informed the PDT that no matter the new date for the second primary, the original date for the general election in November will not be altered.

In a statement from earlier this week, LaRose said, “Reports from the first week of early voting show exactly what we expected – our bipartisan election officials were ready, and the election is running smoothly. With less than two weeks to go until Election Day, voters are making their voice heard in a number of important races that will shape the future of our nation, our state, and even the community where they raise their family.”

Gearhart wanted qualified voters to know, “You can go on our website, to see what exactly will be on our ballots in Scioto County, we have all of the ballots posted so you can be prepared when you do cast your vote-we’re going to be in the office quite a bit until the election, so please exercise one of our countries greatest privileges and vote.”

Scioto County Commissioner’s contests will be on May ballot

By Bill Shope

For The Daily Times

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