Body cameras and software coming to Sheriff’s office

Counseling Center receives notice of lease termination

By Bill Shope - For The Daily Times

PORTSMOUTH — Thursday, the Scioto County Commissioners carved up a 22 item agenda that dealt with a variety of items including a grant acceptance for body worn cameras that will go on officers working for Sheriff David Thoroughman, as well as approved money from the Scioto Foundation that will help provide Christmas gifts for foster children in the care of Scioto County Children’s Services (SCCS).

The Commissioners gladly voted to accept a grant award for $29, 950.00 from the Ohio Department of Safety, Office of Criminal Justice Services (ODSCJS). The funding is dedicated to the purchase of equipment and software to compliment body worn camera systems.

“I, for one, am glad they have pursued this,” stated Commissioner Bryan Davis. “It seems to be getting more and more dangerous out on the streets and I think it’s a good way for the Sheriff’s Department to wear these. I have been in contact with Sheriff Thoroughman’s office about the policy and procedures for the use of these cameras and they are working to get these in place before our officers put them on.”

The Commissioners also approved a request made by Thoroughman’s office to apply for American Rescue Plan (ARPA) money, with Commissioner Scottie Powell informing those present, “These monies are through ARPA, but not the county’s ARPA money. These funds come from the ODSCJS ARPA fund. The intention is to submit one application to focus on reducing overdose deaths, which have certainly increased during the pandemic-no County match is required for this grant.”

Powell added, “Our Sheriff does a good job of searching out these grants as you can see from the previous item and we hope he is successful in this endeavor as well.”

A $10,000.00 grant bestowed by The Scioto Foundation will be put into a Christmas program that will be able to provide each foster child a $50.00 gift card at Christmastime this year.

“I want to say thank you to Dot Cunningham, to Pat Ciraso, to Markeeta Riepenhoff-they have been working hard to find any and all grants that will help our children-it means a lot that these children will benefit from this work and generosity from The Scioto Foundation and SCCS.”

Commissioner Cathy Coleman also weighed in, saying, “I want to extend my thanks as well, it is just heart-warming to be able to give these children something that will mean so much to them-again, thank you to The Scioto Foundation and to those ladies that worked so hard to put this together.”

A resolution authorizing the issuing of a written 30 day notice of termination to the Counseling Center regarding property located at 526 5th Street was approved-the Counseling Center has been occupying the premises on a month-to-month basis since the original date of termination on December 15th, 2020.

“Essentially, it is now time for us to move forward with the female jail that the Sheriff’s office has been working very hard on after being able to secure funding for the facility from the state-$1.5 million to build that will provide service not only to our county but to other counties as well. In the jail system, it is getting more difficult to find space for female inmates, so this will meet that need for our region,” Powell offered.

Davis added, “As far as the time lime goes, Compass Point Housing had the property prior, and there has been discussion for a number of years about converting the property into a jail-former Commissioners Mike Crabtree and Doug Coleman discussed the possibilities. That’s what the property is really built for, there are pods and automatic door closures already there. It was a former juvenile detention center and had been closed down and a building sitting empty is one of the worst things that can happen to a structure, so this is a good move for the county.”

The Commissioners also unanimously recommended that Scioto Valley Paving be awarded the bid for the SCI-CR540 Barklow Road extension 2 Project in the lowest bid amount of $243,478.52. Also receiving approval from the triumvirate was a contract amendment between Scioto County Job and Family Services (SCJFS) and Speedway for gas cards. The purpose of the amendment was to adjust the contract as of May 1st, 2022 by extending the contract period through April 30th, 2023 as specified in the original contract-all other terms in that contract remained the same.

The Scioto County Commissioners meet every Thursday at 9:30 AM in Room 310 of the Scioto County Courthouse. The general public is invited to attend, with a livestream of each meeting available on the Scioto County Commissioner’s Facebook page, Questions for the Commissioners may be asked and answered in real time on that page.

Counseling Center receives notice of lease termination

By Bill Shope

For The Daily Times

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Reach The Daily Times at (740) 353-3101or by email at [email protected]

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