Commissioners tackle 25 item agenda

Jail to add new technology and officers

By Bill Shope - For The Daily Times

PORTSMOUTH — All three Scioto County Commissioners were present and accounted for at Thursday’s regular session, as Chairman of the Commissioners, Scottie Powell called attention to an item that normally doesn’t receive much notice.

Before casting a vote on a resolution involving the weekly appropriation of funds, Powell asked his fellow Commissioners and those in attendance to take note.

“There’s a couple of items I would like to drag out here that are not typical, there’s a request RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) from our Sheriff’s office for the jail in the amount of $37, 021.00,” Powell said. “This is a technology to be put into the jail that will assist our corrections officers as they manage the population and the rounding-it gives us tighter reporting and it makes the operation much more efficient and effective.”

Powell also said that the request from Sheriff David Thoroughman asked for three additional officers, which Powell stated would actually save the county money in the long haul by cutting out some overtime hours, coming to his estimate of a potential $50,000.00 savings over the course of one year alone.

Commissioner Bryan Davis added, “This will allow them, like when they go in to deliver meals or to check on the inmates that are in the cells, they will scan a card and this actually goes along with the compliance requirements for jail inspections-sometimes they want to see the documentation right now and it is currently very paperwork heavy. This will reduce the number of documents and reports automatically and they’ll be able to store that information electronically.”

Davis also said he believes the efficiency of the new units will help reduce burnout and stress from having to work all of the overtime.

In other legislation, the Commissioners received a communication from Dave Miller, dated April 8th of this year, requesting permission for AEP to run electric service from the commissioner’s secondary electric pole located on Fort Hill Road to his adjacent property. Paige Williams, Director of the Portsmouth Public Library, stated Mr. Ryan Salmons term is expiring and Mr. Salmon has expressed interest in continuing to serve. Library trustees serve a seven-year term.

The Commissioners also approved a resolution amending the schedule for legal counsel reimbursement as $55 per hour for out of court services and $65 per hour for in court services, effective May 1, 2022.

New mileage rates also came into play, as the three county leaders set the rate for reimbursement for county employees to $.58, while also setting the new rate for mileage for witnesses in civil cases in Common Pleas Court to $.58

A bid award for the Allegheny Hill Road culvert replacement project was awarded to Distel Construction Inc. in the amount of $71,268 upon recommendation of Darren LeBron, Scioto County Engineer.

As growth continues at the Southern Ohio Aeronautical Regional (SOAR) Business Park, protective covenants to ensure proper use, development and maintenance of each parcel within the business Park were approved, in order to preserve the value of each parcel within the Business Park as well as all land located within the vicinity. The move will also protect the local environment as well as guard against the direction of improper, unsuitable structures and uses; to ensure protection from incompatibility and unsightly Ness; to protect the health and safety of the general public; and to attract quality, image conscious companies to the business Park.

A lifetime membership of the Scioto Foundations Dynamic Community Leadership initiative, Scioto 365, to connect, select and positively affect to make a meaningful difference in the community, in the amount of $3650 was also the recipient of all three Commissioner’s approval.

The Scioto County Commissioners meet every Thursday at 9:30 a.m. in Room 310 of the Scioto County Courthouse. The general public is invited to attend, with a live stream of each meeting available on the Scioto County Commissioner’s Facebook page, Questions for the Commissioners may be asked and answered in real time on that page.

Jail to add new technology and officers

By Bill Shope

For The Daily Times

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