Donahoe retires from Peoples Bank

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Diana Donahoe

Diana Donahoe

PORTSMOUTH — A long time employee at Peoples Bank has taken the leap into retirement.

Diana Donahoe who retired from People Bank Friday, April 8, worked at Peoples Bank’s Portsmouth, Ohio office and has been with Peoples Bank for nine years. On Friday Donahoe officially started her retirement after being in the banking industry for almost 45 years.

Along with her time at the bank, Donahoe has spent her time serving on several boards and committees including Compass Community Health Board Member (Vice President) and Goodwill Industries of Southern Ohio board member (Secretary.)

Donahoe shared that the biggest supporter in her life has been her husband.

“Throughout my career, there have been many many times that I have worked late hours, gone in on Holidays just to get caught up, have come home stressed and he is there to just listen,” Donahoe said. “He has always said “Do what you need to do.”

Donahoe is also thankful for the many coworkers and teammates she has met along the way and worked with.

“I started my career as a senior in high school and so many people along the way have been a mentor to me and still mean so much to me,” Donahoe said.

After many great years of helping clients, her teammates and supporting the community, Donahoe is going to start enjoying the retired life. With free-time on the horizon, Donahoe plans on cleaning, volunteering more at her church, and traveling with her husband.

“First, I have plans to clean closets,” Donahoe said. “I want to spend more time volunteering at church, time with family and friends, and I would like to do some traveling.”

Diana Donahoe Donahoe

Staff report