NB Chief of Police submits resignation

Financial settlement reached with Village

By Bill Shope - For The Daily Times



NEW BOSTON — A stellar, 34-year career in law enforcement came to a close, at least temporarily, during the latest New Boston Village Council meeting, as now former Chief of Police Steve Goins submitted his resignation via an email to Mayor Junior Williams and Council members.

Goins’s letter read, “I do submit my resignation for my retirement after a total of 34 years of service with the Village of New Boston, effective March 19, 2022.

I would like to thank the Mayor and Council Members for supporting the police “department throughout the years and giving me the opportunity to serve as the Chief of Police. I would like to thank the Village Prosecutor and Village Clerk and Village Administrator too for their assistance throughout the years to the police department.

I have come to the realization that I can’t hold on forever after 34 years but it was hard to let go because the New Boston Police Department is all I have known during the last 34 years of my career span.

I loved serving the citizens of New Boston and enjoyed working with other village employees. I’m sure I will miss that aspect.

I can remember back in 1984 when I was sworn in as a new police officer, Mayor “Burr” Ottney told me to always remember that I serve the citizens of New Boston and to do my best and I feel confident throughout my 34-year career that was accomplished.”

Goins submitted his resignation after an agreement was reached as to a monetary settlement with the Village, following a more than year-long dispute. Terms of the settlement were not disclosed to the public and both parties declined to comment when the Portsmouth Daily Times reached out, citing a legal agreement to not do so.

As was initially reported in the Portsmouth Daily Times, Mayor Williams had Goins placed on administrative leave in early 2021 after New Boston Police officers filed Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Complaints against Goins.

That came on the heels of an incident involving former Village Council member Vonald Patrick’s OVI crash and ensuing investigation. Goins had previously announced an internal investigation of the two officers that investigated Patrick’s crash that involved multiple vehicles and following the start of Goins’s investigation, three officers with the NBPD filed EEOC Complaints against the chief.

A number of investigations followed, with Scioto County Sheriff David Thoroughman, Scioto County Prosecutor Shane Tieman and attorneys outside of the Village taking place. Arrest procedures were investigated as were the EEOC Complaints. The Village of New Boston hired attorney Dawn Frick to investigate the complaints filed by Capt. Robert Deerfield, Lt. Larry Anderson and officer Lindi Anderson, the spouse of is Lt. Larry Anderson.

The three reports investigated by Frick determined the charges against Goins were unfounded. However, it should be noted that in the previous Portsmouth Daily Times article, “Frick reported that while conducting the investigation, Anderson indicated his legal counsel advised him not to speak with investigators and therefore he did not cooperate in the investigation.”

Following Goins being placed on leave, long-time law enforcement official Carl Compton was appointed as the interim Chief of Police for the NBPD, a spot he still holds. In fact, the Village has paid both Goins and Compton for the entire duration of this process.

Except for Deerfield and the Anderson’s, all sides have declined to comment on the record in this matter, including Mayor Williams, Village Council members, Compton and Goins.

Financial settlement reached with Village

By Bill Shope

For The Daily Times