Main Street Portsmouth hosting Lucky Clover Contest

Staff report

PORTSMOUTH — The annual Main Street Portsmouth Lucky Clover Contest is underway in downtown Portsmouth.

The event is geared towards shoppers and getting folks downtown in businesses now that bad weather has broken.

The event is open to Second Street and Chillicothe Street retailers. If you are interested, once you purchase something from one of the retailers, you will be handed a card with three pots of gold. If you shop at three stores and get stickers on each pot of gold, then you can leave it with a retailer to be entered into a drawing for $250 in gift cards.

“We have always loved the many activities that go on downtown for St Patrick’s Day, from the Celtic Club and Port City to the Catholic churches,” Executive Director Joseph Pratt said. “We wanted to add something to the celebration years ago and we started this. We hope people shop before and after the parade and give our local businesses some love.”

The event will run through March 25. The event is part of the organization’s attempts to improve sales in the downtown small businesses and is sponsored by Lisa Callahan at US Bank Mortgage Department. There are 10 participating businesses.

“We would just like to remind everyone in the area that our local businesses aren’t Amazon or Walmart. They don’t get sales from all over like these big boxes and shipping companies. These people are our friends and neighbors,” Pratt pressed. “They are limited to local sales and if we don’t show them our appreciation, then they won’t be here. These are the people who donate to local sports teams and non-profits. It is truly important to give patronage to our small business community.”

Staff report