River City Adventures preparing to open their doors

By Darian Gillette - [email protected]

PORTSMOUTH — River City Adventure Company started their business with the goal of making outdoor equipment easily accessible for Portsmouth residents.

“We are trying to cater to anything that you can do in Portsmouth and trying to bring more activity to Portsmouth,” said Owner, Heith Gray.

The store will offer skateboards, BMX bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes, running shoes, hiking shoes, camping supplies, hiking supplies, items for marathons such as hydration vests, watches, and sunglasses.

“We want to get everybody the tools they need to be more active and take advantage of all the resources Portsmouth is getting,” said Gray.

Gray said the store is more than a bike shop.

“A lot of people are under the influence it’s just a bike shop so when our friends have come they didn’t realize we have all that,” said Gray. “We have so much to offer and I’m worried people think it’s only a bike shop but it’s a lot more than that.”

Gray said they want to also act as an information center.

“We had someone come in the other day who didn’t know there were frisbee golf courses around here so we want to give brochures that say hey you can go frisbee golfing, to the skate park, we have someone now who can give skateboard lessons, just to kind of get everyone in here and open their eyes to what is available,” said Gray.

Gray said he decided to open a store due to having to travel hours away to get the items he needed for outdoor activity.

“I began biking and realized in order to get anything for what I needed I needed to go to Columbus or Cincinnati or West Virginia but there was nothing local,” said Gray. “I could go to Columbus for a bike and I could go to a different store for shoes and some apparel I could only get online so I thought it would be really nice to have that locally.”

Gray said they are looking forward to getting people into the shop and showing them what they can do locally.

“There are plenty of things to do and they can get active and get the community involved,” said Gray.

River City Adventure Company was originally going to open last July.

“When we first got this building we were projected to open in July and now it’s March so we are way behind, it’s been a real big pain with COVID trying to get supplies and inventory but it’s been fun and rewarding to see how excited people are,” said Gray.

The store will have a soft opening March 19.

“I think it will be really exciting to watch people come in and look at what all we’ve been able to do,” said Gray.

Heith and Rachel Gray hope to do a Grand Opening this coming summer.

“We’re going to open Saturday, get whatever kinks out of the way because we are closed Sunday and Monday, open Tuesday and get used to everything so when it comes to much warmer weather we can do a grand opening,” said Gray.

River City Adventure Company is located at 201 2nd Street Portsmouth, OH 45662.


By Darian Gillette

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Reach Darian Gillette at (740) 353-3101 ext. 1931, or by email at [email protected]

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