Movie Review: Marry Me

By Andrew McManus - Contributing Columnist

Directed by:

Kat Coiro


Jennifer Lopez as Katalina “Kat” Valdez

Owen Wilson as Charlie Gilbert

Maluma as Bastian

John Bradley as Collin Calloway

Sarah Silverman as Parker Debbs

Chloe Coleman as Lou Gilbert

Michelle Buteau as Melissa

Stephen Wallem as Jonathan Pitts

Jameela Jamil as Anikah

Utkarsh Ambudkar as Coach Manny

Brady Noon as George

Runtime: 112 minutes

Rating: PG-13 (for some language and suggestive material)

Unfortunately you aren’t seeing SING as the title this week. HOWEVER this is Valentine’s Day Weekend! I LOVE YOU BETHANY! Yes it’s in print! NO DON’T FRAME THIS! My co-pilot and I do a thumbs up or thumbs down when we see previews of films. This one was a BIG thumbs up for her. I have taken her to enough movies with robots, and wars and I need to diverse what we are seeing. Bethany did say my readers would want a review on this film ASAP because it is a holiday weekend so please thank her for this review. EVEN if the movie isn’t great. This seemed like a cookie cutter romance. Yet, there was a twist. What we have is Jennifer Lopez in a slightly fabricated version of herself falling for an everyman in Owen Wilson. Would this be ANOTHER 5 star film after Sing 2???? One tidbit to note and it surprised both of us. This film is actually based on a graphic novel with the same name by Bobby Crosby

Onto the film.

We open with Kat Valdez (Lopez) preparing to marry her lover Bastian (Maluma.) They’ve recorded a song together called “Marry Me” and whether it is promotional material or not they plan to get married in front of a live concert audience. We hear Valdez (Lopez) singing this song and practicing dance moves and then cut to various news outlets discussing the pending nuptials. A nice set-up for what is to take place.

We then cut to our “everyman” Charlie Gilbert (Wilson.) He is a school teacher (Math) and a single father. His daughter is in his class but the problem is she doesn’t think he’s fun or

cool. I feel that all kids think this way? Charlie’s best friend at work is named Parker (Silverman) and she’s the school guidance counselor. She convinces Charlie to take accompany her with the two remaining tickets to see Valdez (Lopez) perform. This will make his daughter think he’s COOL! She doesn’t.

As all three are waiting for the performance to start a leaked video gets put out that shows Bastian (Maluma) cheating on Valdez (Lopez) Kat doesn’t have time to process or make any rational decision. She is pushed on stage. In a daze she sees one man in the crowd. Guess who it is….He’s holding a sign that Parker (Silverman) made that says “MARRY ME” Valdez (Lopez) takes this as a sign and says yes….he is whisked on stage and they get married….although this isn’t a legal marriage.

This is where the film takes off. We see a fish out of water story with a school teacher pushed into the spotlight and MEGA-STARDOM. Can these two opposites attract? Can they make it work with all the outside noise? He is what DOES work with the film. The music is good. It’s no SING 2 good, but I feel there are new songs produced and recorded by Lopez for the film and they are catchy. Not normally my cup of tea but they are good and fit the film well. Owen Wilson is Owen Wilson. Loveable goofball with a big heart. Surprisingly the chemistry works between the pair and its believable and you want to root for them. Sarah Silverman shows off her acting chops and humor and I feel that every laugh out loud moment she is involved in.

However….this movie is boring. It feels like a retread of countless other romantic comedies. The premise is slightly different but it reminded me of “Notting Hill” with Hugh Grant and Julie Roberts (Movie star and everyman) that worked better. The cast is great and the dialogue clever but there is nothing for anyone to do. Sing a song…go on a date….repeat. Drama ensues. You see where this is going.

That being sad. It’s VALENTINE’S DAY WEEKEND. I know I know que the eye rolls. A hallmark holiday….you should be loving every day. This is true. Sometimes hard but always true. So take your partner and check it out. If it’s a first date…GOOD LUCK!!!! Be yourself and be happy. You have seen this story before but it will still make you smile. You may fall asleep towards the end like someone else did……Happy Valentine’s Day. Tell the ones you love them you…you love them! You probably won’t love this movie though. 2 and ½ stars out of 5

By Andrew McManus

Contributing Columnist