Lasik eye surgery available in Portsmouth

By Darian Gillette - [email protected]

PORTSMOUTH — LASIK eye surgery is now available in Portsmouth.

Eye Specialists of Ohio just celebrated the companies 30th anniversary of doing cataract and laser surgeries.

“We’ve got nine locations, five of those being ambulatory surgery centers accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC), ranging as far north as Worthington, as far west as Wilmington, as far east as Lancaster, and as far south as Portsmouth,” said Sabe Jackson, Administrator for Eye Specialist of Ohio.

Jackson said mostly cataract surgeries are done in Portsmouth.

“We do a lot of cataract surgery and LASIK is another service we provide now,” said Jackson. “We’ve got eight doctors who all perform cataract surgeries and one of our physicians has performed the most cataract surgeries in the state of Ohio.”

A cataract is a clouding of the clear lens in your eye.

Jackson said patients normally have minimal discomfort after procedures due to new technology.

“Recovery, both physical and visual, is rapid,” said Jackson. “Many patients drive and return to their usual level of activity the day following surgery.”

Tuesday, February 8, the first LASIK surgery was done in Portsmouth.

“The first LASIK surgery was this morning but with saying that, Dr. Jay Egolf has performed thousands of LASIK surgeries and has worked in our Circleville location for the last 20 years,” said Jackson.

Jackson said once the Portsmouth location received the accreditation to do LASIK surgery Dr. Egolf began shifting surgeries from Circleville to Portsmouth.

LASIK is an FDA-approved refractive procedure intended to reduce your dependency on eyeglasses or contact lenses.

“Everything went as planned this morning, all the patients left extremely happy, and most importantly we can do it locally,” said Jackson.

Jackson said it is huge to be able to do lasik in Portsmouth.

“Transportation is a big issue with a lot of the local patients so being able to do pre-opporative treatment, post-opporative treatment, and their surgery locally, they don’t have to leave town because it can all be done right here at a cost that is affordable and cheaper than some of the big cities,” said Jackson.

Travel times for many patients are being cut down by the local location.

“They have a short drive to get their LASIK surgery performed and be home in a matter of a few hours as opposed to spending all day driving two hours north, spending time at the surgery center, and then driving two hours south,” said Jackson.

The equipment used for the surgery is all laser.

“It’s all laser LASIK as opposed to the last several years when there was actually part laser part blade where they would cut the lense flat with a blade and fold it over as opposed now where we can just use a laser,” said Jackson.

Jackson said LASIK is a two step process.

“Step 1 is where the physician uses the Intralase Femtosecond Laser to create a very thin flap on the surface of the cornea,” said Jackson. “Step 2 is where the physician lifts the flap and uses another laser to reshape the cornea.”

Jackson said each case is unique.

“Our personalized approach ensures that every patient’s comfort and progress is regulated with care,” said Jackson. “Our physicians are committed to your Cataract and Laser Vision Correction procedure from start to finish.”

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By Darian Gillette

[email protected]

Reach Darian Gillette at (740) 353-3101 ext. 1931, or by email at [email protected]

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Reach Darian Gillette at (740) 353-3101 ext. 1931, or by email at [email protected]

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