Franklin Furnace to receive park

By Darian Gillette - [email protected]

FRANKLIN FURNACE — The Scioto County Commissioners discussed building a park near the Greenup Dam at their meeting Thursday, January 13.

The location was previously a rest stop but has not been used in recent years.

“I have worked up the chain of command through the Army Corps of Engineers and they have agreed to allow us to lease that property with the potential option to purchase at a later date,” said Scottie Powell, County Commissioner.

The property will become a park.

“The goal for that will be to have a park on the river, it’s a beautiful location,” said Powell. “I’d like to see us find some all-inclusive, all-accessible, playground equipment for children of all ages and disabilities to be able to play together there.”

The park will include playground equipment, updated shelter houses, and renovated restrooms.

Powell would also like to turn the road the park is located on into a multi-use road.

“I’ve had some preliminary conversations with the trustees in Green Township, that park loops into Kenyan Road that runs parallel with 52, and to get that finalized and paved and then turn it into a true multi-use road with the appropriate signage and markings to ride bikes, run in a safer manner, still open to traffic, still open to farming,” said Powell.

The loop will be seven miles long.

Commissioner, Bryan Davis, suggested extending the road in the future.

“When you go into Franklin Furnace you’re up there on County Road One and your first road is Bobcat Lane and if you keep going on that lane it runs into the former Ohio University Equestrian Farm, then beyond that is the park,” said Davis.

Davis said the extension would truly connect the Franklin Furnace to the park.

“It would give a safer access for kids and families,” said Davis. “It’s just a thought, not having talked to the property owners and things like that, it may not be something they want but it would definitely work.”

A letter stated the commissioners are able to start working on the park.

“It is not a lease, they will likely get us that in February, but due to me wanting to go after some grants they were able to give us a letter of intent to provide us that park,” said Powell.

By Darian Gillette

[email protected]

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Reach Darian Gillette at (740) 353-3101 ext. 1931, or by email at [email protected]

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