Firefighter training at ALTIVIA

By Frank Lewis - [email protected]

Don’t panic if you see flames shooting into the air in the vicinity of the ALTIVIA Petrochemical Haverhill complex over the next couple of weeks. They will be conducting on site industrial firefighting training from April 18 through April 21 and April 25 through April 28.

According to James M. Delabar, Haverhill Plant manager, ALTIVIA has supplied the Portsmouth Local Air Agency (EPA) with the appropriate request and notice.

Delabar said the training fires will be in a controlled and designated area separated from the operating areas of the plant. “Fire Props” fueled by propane and/or diesel will be used to simulate fires that could occur at the facility.

The location of the training field is to the north, U.S. 52, side of the plant approximately a quarter of a mile from Ohio-Haverhill Furnace Road.

Delabar said, at times flames might be visible from U.S. 52 and Ohio-Haverhill Furnace Road with smoke visible over a wider area possibly including the Greenup, Kentucky, Franklin Furnace and Hamilton Township, Ohio areas.

By Frank Lewis

[email protected]

Reach Frank Lewis at 740-353-3101, ext. 1928, or on Twitter @franklewis.

Reach Frank Lewis at 740-353-3101, ext. 1928, or on Twitter @franklewis.