Getting the band back together

By Derrick C. Parker - For The Daily Times

PORTSMOUTH – If you’ve been around the music scene in Southern Ohio you’ve likely heard of the Detours. The band, consisting of longtime friends Alan Reed (guitar, bass, vocals), Doug Parsley (guitar), and Jaime Martin (drums), has been around in some form or another for over 20 years.

But, as the familiar story goes – life happens. Reed moved to Columbus. Martin became busy teaching music and percussion across the tri-state. And Parsley continued to play in other local bands in the Portsmouth area.

Reed moved back to Portsmouth last month – and he had a simple goal in mind: get the band back together.

“We’ve been playing together for a zillion years,” laughed Reed. “The three of us were in a band called Flashback. When that ended, we started the Detours. So, this is our reunion. And we are new an improved.”

The band is adding Jacob Ankrom (Mikey Mike and the Big Unit, Uncle Eli and the Poets of Woo) as the new bassist.

“I remember when Jacob started playing,” said Reed. “He’s a really good musician and will add a ton of energy to an older band.”

The band says the pandemic has been hard on everyone – but especially musicians.

“It was a real kick in the gut to all of us,” said Reed. “We sat everything down for a year, probably more. There were no gigs. I play full time with my solo career in what I call ‘the before time’, so it was a really traumatic experience.”

“Alan and I actually recorded a bit during the pandemic,” said Martin. “That’s all we could do. We both have studios in our homes so we wrote a few songs and recorded them. But prior to that, I hadn’t touched a guitar or drumset since this all started.”

“A funk definitely descended upon me,” admitted Parsley.

But some good came from the hiatus. The three friends stayed in touch and decided to start practicing together once Reed moved back to the area. Now, they plan to get in the studio and record some original material – and even some of Reed’s solo work as a full band.

“I’ve been doing solo stuff for a long time,” said Reed. “I’d really like to start incorporating my cooler songs in with the band. I think everyone who plays loves doing their own original music, but it can be hard to find folks interesting in hearing it.”

“That’s usually the get up and get a beer song,” he laughed.

The musicians say, despite their yearning to record some original tracks, they will always be known as a rock n’ roll cover band. In truth, the four don’t seem to mind as long as they keep playing for good crowds.

“When I started playing, the older guys were all saying the same thing – it’s harder to make a living being a musician,” said Reed. “It’s a generational thing. Things were always better in the past. But, there’s no doubt there is more to draw folks’ attention now. In the old days, that’s all there was to do on the weekends is listen to music.”

“The good news is when people come out now – they specifically come out to hear live music.”

The band played their first show back in September at the St. Mary’s International Food Festival in town. Now, they hope to build up a repertoire of songs and start playing gigs all over the region.

“We are building a set-list of songs currently,” said Martin. “They are all tunes we really like. It’s great because we like the same music. We all get along. There are no conflicts between us.”

Expect the band to play tunes from the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Neil young, Tom Petty, the Kinks, and many more classic rock legends.

“This is a homecoming. This is getting the band back together,” said Reed. “Our goal in 2022 is to get out there, book a lot of gigs, and go play.”

The Detours next show is scheduled for Saturday, January 22 at Port City Pub. Check their Facebook page for more information.

By Derrick C. Parker

For The Daily Times

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