Issues brought up at the New Boston Village Council meeting

By Kimberly Jenkins - [email protected]

Editor’s Note: While the Daily Times did receive information from Deerfield, all information pertaining to Compton’s termination for nonfeasance and malfeasance was obtained from the Scioto County Prosecutor’s Office through a public records request. The Portsmouth Daily Times also asked for comments about Deerfield’s resignation from the council during the Sept. 20, 2021 Village of New Boston Council meeting that was not live-streamed, where Interim Chief Compton made no comment.

NEW BOSTON — The Village of New Boston Council held its first meeting of November on Tuesday with all members of Council present along with Mayor Junior Williams and Village Clerk, Lana Loper.

Dave Miller, a resident of New Boston spoke to the council about placing a crosswalk up where he lived on Gallia Street. Miller had been at a previous meeting asking for the crosswalk and asked if there was any update on the process. Village Administrator, Steve Hamilton answered him by saying he had not found where there had been a crosswalk there before as Miller had stated. He said that it would be up to the council whether they wanted to bring in an ordinance to put one in or not. Mayor Williams then said that he would have to look at it and see what they might be able to do.

The VIllage of New Boston Council also welcomed Jill Burton as a police officer, under one year of probation and contingent on her passing her physical and other requirements. Interim Police Chief Carl Compton stated that she had two days to make up within the year. A motion was made to hire her and all voted in favor.

The village also confirmed officer Lindi Anderson on a permanent basis since she had completed her year of probation. A motion was made and all were in favor with the exception of Councilman Jon Mills, who voted nay.

The council also added a new firefighter to their ranks with the hire of Eric Lutz. Lutz will serve on a one-year probation. Lutz said that he had been a volunteer firefighter for 30 years before. A motion was made and all voted in favor.

During the meeting on Tuesday, Interim Police Chief, Carl Compton referred to his termination letter that was mentioned in a Daily Times article about former NBPD officer Robert Deerfield’s resignation. Compton stated, Captain Deerfield resigned of his own free will and that he (Compton) did not create a situation that caused him to resign.

Compton shared with the council he felt the article that was in the Daily Times was directed at him. He continued that at no time did the Daily Times contact him for information and what was in print was what was sent by Deerfield. He went on to suggest The Portsmouth Daily Times look into articles before releasing them and maybe do a little bit of checking the source.

Compton also suggested that the Daily Times make a public records account from the Scioto County Prosecutor’s Office asking about the Brady lists and who is on it and why. Compton added that for those who did not know what the Brady list was that it basically says you cannot be trusted to tell the truth because you were caught lying during a proceeding.

Compton continued that he had never hidden the fact that he himself was fired from the prosecutor’s office in December of 2020 and that he sent a letter to the police department and other officers and deputies giving them his side of the story and that a copy was sent to Commissioner Coleman.

Compton added at the end that he hoped that the Portsmouth Daily Times would do a better job of basic journalism and research the story or at the very least give the person they are doing the story on a chance to be heard.

There was some questioning from Councilman Ralph Imes and Councilman Mike Meehan about traffic control and officer presence and it was noted that the New Boston Police Department does not have enough manpower to even have two officers on every shift.

There were three ordinances for 1st readings the first being a one-time bonus for employees who have received Covid-19 vaccinations, which was declared an emergency and then voted to pass with Councilman Mills voting no.

Two other first readings of ordinances were amending sections of the codified ordinances and those were voted in with all in favor.

Finally, the first reading of transferring and appropriating amounts in the various funds of the village and declaring an emergency, this ordinance was declared an emergency and all but Councilman Meehan, voted to pass.

The meeting was adjourned by a motion from Councilman Imes.

By Kimberly Jenkins

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Reach Kimberly Jenkins (740)353-3101 ext. 1928

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