NBPD officer resigns due to interim chief’s actions

By Adam Black - [email protected]

NEW BOSTON — New Boston Police Captain Robert Deerfield has resigned from the New Boston Police Department, citing the department not following policies.

Deerfield, who joined the NBPD in 2015 and has been tangled in a recent investigation of officers not following proper procedures during an OVI crash involving former councilmember Vonald Patrick, submitted his resignation letter Sept. 10 to the Village of New Boston.

In emails submitted to the Daily Times by Deerfield on Aug. 4, 2021, Deerfield requested a copy of a letter submitted to Council President Dan Fetty by Interim Police Chief Carl Compton. According to Deerfield, the letter recommended no disciplinary action would be taken against Deerfield and Lt. Larry Anderson in reference to the Patrick crash. Deerfield said the letter cited policy issues as the problem and knew the letter existed because Deerfield was informed by Compton when he submitted it to Fetty.

Deerfield submitted a public records request to New Boston Solicitor Justin Blume to receive a copy of the letter and on Aug. 17, 2021, Blume said the letter did not exist and denied the public records request.

“I have conferred with all Village officials, except for the mayor, who is off on sick leave. I am advised that the document which you’ve requested below does not exist. When the Mayor returns, I will ask him as well. Based upon what I am told, I must therefore deny your request at this time,” Blume stated in an email to Deerfield.

Blume later replied to Deerfield that he found that the letter did exist but only in a draft form. Blume explained since the letter did not serve to document the functions, policies, decisions, procedures, operations, or other activities of the office of the Chief of Police, it was not subject to disclosure as a public record.

Deerfield responded to Blume’s email, stating that it was to be expected from the interim chief due to his previous termination from the Scioto County Prosecutor’s Office.

“That’s to be expected from a guy who was terminated for malfeasance, nonfeasance and dishonesty,” Deerfield replied.

According to records obtained by the Portsmouth Daily Times, Interim Chief Compton was terminated by the Scioto County Prosecutor’s Office Dec. 9, 2020, for nonfeasance and malfeasance.

A termination letter signed by Compton listed three reasons with examples for Compton’s firing, including misrepresenting to the Scioto County Prosecutor that he had completed assigned tasks that had not been completed when asked. Failure to complete assigned task as directed and a violation of Clause IV, Hours of Work, of the Scioto County Prosecutor Teleworking Policy.

“Based upon these circumstances, I have no choice but to dismiss you immediately from your employment with the Scioto County Prosecutor’s Office,” the termination letter stated. “You are to immediately turn in your badge, keys, car, guns, laptop, gas card, Kroger Card and any other property belonging to the Scioto County Prosecutor’s Office.”

Attached to the termination letter were also text messages from Compton to Scioto County Prosecutor Shane Tieman, Phone activity call logs and a signed copy of the Scioto County Prosecutor Teleworking Policy by Compton.

On Feb. 16, 2021, Compton was hired by the Village of New Boston after complaints were filed against NBPD Chief Steve Goins, placing him on administrative leave. Before Compton took the role as interim police chief, NBPD officer Jacob Emnett was named interim until he resigned during the February meeting and recommended Compton for the position.

Compton has remained the interim chief for the Village as the investigation into Steve Goins remains ongoing. The Portsmouth Daily Times asked Deerfield if the reason for his resignation was for Compton’s neglect to file the proper paperwork and responded in an email, “You are correct.”

“I can assure you if you do your homework, you’ll find that myself and Lt. Anderson are honest, hardworking officers who only wanted the best for NBPD and the citizens of New Boston. We only butted heads with elected and appointed officials because we refused to back down,” Deerfield said about his resignation. “What’s right is right. That village and its lying politicians have put us through more stress than the citizens will ever know. We were used by elected and appointed officials for political purposes—nothing more, nothing less. Speak to Mayor Williams. He’s a good honest man. Unfortunately, he has to put up with trouble making council members like Jon Mills.”

During the Sept. 21 meeting, the Daily Times asked the council if Deerfield’s resignation would impede on the investigation into Goins. New Boston Mayor Junior Williams stated that the addition of Clemens Nelson and Associates assisting the mayor in the investigation of Goins had extended the time period of the investigation, but Deerfield’s resignation would not impede on the investigation of Goins.

According to court documents, on Oct. 4, 2021, Goins filed a writ of mandamus complaint to ask a judge to determine whether there is cause to keep him on administrative leave. The lawsuit names both the Village of New Boston and New Boston Mayor Junior Williams in the complaint. A hearing has not been set as of publication.



By Adam Black

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Reach Adam Black at (740) 353-3101 ext. 1927, or by email at [email protected]

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