South Webster student selected for Buckeye Boy State Program

Staff report

SOUTH WEBSTER — American Legion Post 622 has selected J. Riley Cook, a junior from South Webster High School to attend the Buckeye Boys State program.

Buckeye Boys State is not a sports or vacation camp, but a highly structured, eight days “Hands on, Learning by Doing” experience in the operation of the City, County, and State level of the Ohio government, the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches, the organization of Ohio political parties and the relationship to one to the other in shaping Ohio government.

Young men will learn about the Ohio government by operating the agencies and levels of a mythical state government. qualifications of leadership, willingness to participate and an interest in U.S. history, government and civics.

Cook was selected by the American Legion Post 622 after filing an application and interviewed by the legion. During his eight-day stay, Cook has been busy learning the ins and outs of government and has been loving every moment.

“He absolutely loves it, phone calls are very limited, because they are so busy,” Janey Hollback said. “He went to a military camp last year and this year his goal was to get to go to the Buckeye Boys Camp.”

Cook is passionate about his community, his state and his country and his passion is to help veterans.

“His goal has been after high school to go to a military college, but after this experience, he is having I won’t be surprised if he will want to become a government official of some kind,” Hollback said.

Cook’s interests also include baseball, soccer and select chorus. Buckeye Boys State is being held this week at Miami University.

Staff report