New Boston Council and Schools join to upgrade playground

By Kimberly Jenkins - [email protected]

New Boston’s Millbrook playground to get an upgrade.

New Boston’s Millbrook playground to get an upgrade.

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NEW BOSTON — Discussions on upgrading Millbrook Park took place on Tuesday during a Village of New Boston Council meeting with all members of council present.

Mayor Junior Williams was not in attendance at the meeting which led to President Pro Tem Dan Fetty presiding over the meeting. The playground at Millbrook park was the main topic of the evening with discussions on upgrading and working with local schools.

Councilman Fetty stated that the New Boston Schools were going to contribute funds to go with the council to make it possible to have a bigger and better playground, as the New Boston Elementary students use the playground for recess and other playtimes. Hamilton stated that they were looking into what they would be able to purchase for the playground with this combined effort. Council was pleased and happy to be able to work with the school in making this all possible.

Council also discussed the progress of the work being done on the Dispatch room was discussed with praise for how nice it will be when finished. Village Administrator, Steve Hamilton gave an update on the pump station eight and nine and discussed the continued work on station 10.

During Committee reports, Finance and Wages Committee Chairman Jon Mills discussed the proposed 2022 budget and brought it forward at this meeting. Mills also discussed things that New Boston Fire Chief Chris Davis had presented to the committee. It had been suggested proposing an appropriate $10,000 for kitchen upgrades, conversion of bay lighting and outside lighting and finally purchasing extra fire hydrant parts for when one would have a problem, they would be able to fix them quicker. Some other needed materials were discussed with the Fire Chief and a motion was made to bring these into council for a 1st reading at the June 1st meeting, by Councilman Mike Meehan and seconded by Councilman Ralph Imes.

Councilman and Chairman of the Laws and Claims Committee discussed with the council what had been discussed at the committee’s last meeting. One of the main items was speed limits within the Village and the possibility of further discussion with New Boston Solicitor Justin Blume.

Councilman Ryan Ottney brought up the speeding issue along with asking Interim Police Chief Carl Compton about the riding of four-wheelers through the village and the legalities. Compton said that they are not legal riding within the village and the difficulty of catching them, especially when many are very young who are riding these four-wheelers. Compton also said that after the two cadets are able to be in the street, they will be working heavily with the speeding issues.

During New Business, Councilman Fetty said that the Budget for 2022 would be brought before council at the June 1 meeting as a first reading allowing three readings before the deadline to turn the levy in for the November election.

Also during new business was the need for concrete around the Fire Station, as there were some places that were so bad they could pose a danger to others. Hamilton and Fire Chief Davis had come up with a figure of $9,000 needed to fix the concrete and that they had a few ideas in order to keep the price that low and still get the job done.

New Boston’s Millbrook playground to get an upgrade. Boston’s Millbrook playground to get an upgrade. Courtesy Photo

By Kimberly Jenkins

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