Sheriff swears in new officers, promotes Malone

Staff report

SCIOTO —Scioto County Sheriff David Thoroughman has promoted a deputy and sworn in two new officers.

Thoroughman officially welcomed two new officers to his team, Nicholas Broughton, who will serve as a deputy to the department and Adam Earley as a correctional officer, Monday. Deputy Dan Malone was also celebrated Monday with the promotion from Thoroughman to a detective.

“I had the pleasure of promoting Deputy Dan Malone to Detective, swearing-in, Nicholas Broughton, as a deputy and Adam Earley as a correctional officer this morning,” Thoroughman said.

Malone has been with the Sheriff’s Office for 24 years this past January. Broughton is coming to the Sheriff’s Office after serving nine years, this past January, as an officer with the Department of Public Safety at Shawnee State University. Correctional Officer Adam Earley is coming to the Sheriff’s Office from the STAR Community Justice Center.

“Please help welcome them and pray for them as they continue to serve you in their new roles,” Thoroughman said.

Staff report