Political Science opens world of opportunity for SSU students

Staff report

PORTSMOUTH — Thomas Bunting, assistant professor of political science at Shawnee State, has been ‘hooked’ on this subject from the beginning of his undergraduate studies.

Political science is a discipline that investigates politics from different angles using a variety of methods,, Bunting said.

As a student, Bunting attended Michigan State, graduating with a major in political theory. Bunting then attended the University of Wisconsin to further his knowledge in related fields. After graduate school, Bunting eventually came to Shawnee State to teach political science.

Since coming to SSU, Bunting has had the opportunity to teach what he is passionate about, interact with students from all different backgrounds, and even co-author a peer-reviewed article with a student.

Bunting’s analysis of Major League Baseball’s relocation of the 2021 All-star Game in protest of a change in Georgia voting law was featured in the Washington Post Monkey Cage blog. His book, “Democracy at the Ballpark: Sport Spectatorship and Politics” will be published in October 2021.

Bunting sees his day-to-day work in the classroom as very fulfilling.

“I think a lot of the work we do in the classroom can help change how students see politics and the world in general and I really enjoy working with students who take college seriously and are willing to question their own world views,” Bunting said.

With this degree, the career options are very flexible. Political science is good preparation for law school, working on campaigns, working in government, and studying at the next level. This major is ideal for those interested in making a difference as a citizen.

The political science major cultivates important skills that are imperative in the ever-evolving workforce. Courses in the degree require students to think, read and write critically. This degree encourages student growth, challenges viewpoints, and helps develop important skills. With Political science degree, students have the opportunity to thrive both in college and the career field.

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Staff report