Art District hosting Second Saturday event

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PORTSMOUTH- For those looking for a last minute Mother Day gift, a Saturday event involving several local businesses could provide such a chance.

That opportunity comes through the Arts, Culture, and Innovation District’s first Second Saturday event. Starting at 9 a.m., sales and specials will be available at the four businesses partaking in the event- North Shore Printing, Loft’s Coffee Company, Gallia Street Studio, and Stump Standards.

On Monday, 2nd Ward Councilwoman Charlotte Gordon said the event is part of a larger vision for the district. Located between the edge of Washington Street to Waller Street and between Front and 7th Street, she feels the area is ideal.

“We have three museums here,” she said, including the Roy Rodgers, Southern Ohio Museum, and Scioto County Heritage Museum still in the works. “We’ve got a coffee shop, which every art district needs.”

Other entities in the zone include the Innovation Hub, restaurants, the riverfront, and the Vern Riffe Center. Gordon said having these offerings within it will be able to add to the success of the Bonneyfiddle District.

It’s also utilizing what she describes as the second downtown area of the city- one being the 19th Century Bonneyfiddle and the other more contemporary, 20th Century banking center.

“Picking it up right on the edge just gives everybody a way to funnel new energy,” she said. “Keeping those two districts really walkable, instead of going out to 52 somewhere or up 23, it’s really important that we keep it downtown.”

ACID plans on holding these Second Saturday events year-long, where Gordon hopes it grows to include new businesses. Over the coming months, banners will be seen on city streets and t-shirts will be available for purchase.

“It will be fun I think and we’ll try to grow it organically,” she said.

Staff Report

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© 2021 Portsmouth Daily Times, all rights reserved.