SOMC now scheduling vaccines for everyone 16 and older

Staff report

PORTSMOUTH — Southern Ohio Medical Center is now scheduling COVID-19 vaccinations for everyone ages 16 and up. Those interested in scheduling an appointment can do so by calling 740-356-CARE.

Vaccines are much more available now than they were earlier in the year. More than 100 million COVID vaccines have been administered in the United States, and there is now overwhelming evidence that they are safe and effective. The vaccines offer our community the best path back to normalcy. More than one-in-every-four Ohioans has already received at least one dose.

There are three types of vaccines currently being administered in Scioto County. The Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are mRNA vaccines, which require two doses given at least a month apart. The third vaccine, produced by Johnson & Johnson, is a traditional vaccine and only requires one dose.

Despite internet rumors to the contrary, none of the COVID vaccines include tracking chips, alter your DNA or cause infertility. There have also been no confirmed cases of the vaccine causing death or serious illness. Allergic reactions to the vaccine are very rare and can be treated with medication.

The most common side effects to the vaccine are soreness at the injection site, headache and fatigue. Side effects typically disappear within two to three days.

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Staff report