World Spay Day slated for Tuesday

SCIOTO — World Spay Day is Tuesday, February 23, 2021. In an effort to promote spaying and neutering of pets, Scioto Trail Animal Clinic and Shawnee Animal Clinic will be offering reduced rates for spay and neuter.

World Spay Day is promoted by the Humane Society of the United States and encouraged locally by the Animal Welfare League of Scioto County. Spaying or neutering one’s pet not only cuts down on the number of unwanted animals but is an important step in providing a healthy and long life for that pet.

Scioto Trail Animal Clinic: Offers for reduced rate spay or neuter of dogs and cats must be scheduled on Tuesday, February 23rd. Details for their Spay Day event can be viewed on the computer by going to Scioto Trail Animal clinic/Spay Day 2021or call (740)353-2280. Phone numbers to actually schedule the spay/neuter are listed on this site. There will be a limited number of appointments.

Shawnee Animal Clinic: Certificates towards a reduced rate spay or neuter must be purchased on Tuesday, February 23rd. Certificates are for dogs and cats and can be used anytime until the end of the year. Certificate sales will be limited. Call (740)353-5758 for details.

This program is not income-based but available to all. Questions can also be addressed to the Animal Welfare League of Scioto County at (740)858-2446.