Department of Energy Seeks Candidates for Advisory Board Vacancies

Applications Accepted Through February 26, 2016

Piketon, OH—The Department of Energy (DOE) Portsmouth/Paducah Office is seeking volunteers to fill future vacancies on the Portsmouth Site Specific Advisory Board (PORTS SSAB). PORTS SSAB is a federally chartered citizens’ panel that provides recommendations to the DOE’s Portsmouth/Paducah Environmental Management (EM) Program, which is responsible for cleanup of the Portsmouth Reservation.

Chartered in 2009 under the Federal Advisory Committee Act, the board is composed of up to 20 members, chosen to reflect diversity of gender, race, occupation, and interests of persons living near the Portsmouth Reservation. PORTS SSAB meets monthly to discuss and develop recommendations on cleanup decisions being made for the reservation and on EM-related policy issues, the board’s primary mission.

All PORTS SSAB meetings and its committees are open to the public. Technical expertise is not required for board membership, and a broad spectrum of backgrounds and viewpoints is sought.

Terms are for two years, and members may serve up to three terms.

PORTS SSAB members serve on committees that study specific issues in depth, such as cleanup strategies, hazardous waste management, and long-term stewardship. The board also reviews DOE EM planning decisions and cleanup-related documents.

Membership applications are available on the board’s website at or by calling 740-289-5249. The deadline for submitting applications is February 26, 2016.

Applications Accepted Through February 26, 2016