New Boston votes Jones to join council

By Kimberly Jenkins - [email protected]

NEW BOSTON — The New Boston Village Council held a special meeting Saturday that went into executive session for the hiring of personnel.

Mayor Junior Williams stated that they will be interviewing eight applicants for the vacant seat on the Village Council and that it may take upwards of two hours. The meeting began at 10:00 a.m. and was in executive session for approximately three hours.

Upon returning from the executive session, Village Councilman Ryan Ottney made a motion to nominate Corey Jones for the vacant seat on Council. Councilman Jon Mills seconded that motion. Councilman Mike Meehan made a motion to nominate Stephanie Robinette with Councilman Dan Fetty seconding that motion. Councilman Fetty then nominated Wayne Hensen with Councilman Ralph Imes seconding that motion.

Following the three motions, Williams asked for a motion that nomination to close for the council position with Ottney making the motion and Mills seconding the motion. Williams explained to the council how they have voted in the past when they have three nominees was each council member has a card in front of them and directed them each to list one person as their nomination of choice.

After all council members wrote down their choices, Williams asked each council member to say who they wrote down. Mills, Imes, and Ottney all voted for Corey Jones with Fetty voting for Wayne Hensen and Meehan voting for Stephanie Robinette.

The mayor stated that there were three votes for Jones, one vote for Robinette and one vote for Hensen. Williams stated that they had a majority of votes for Jones and announced that Jones would be the newest New Boston Council member and that it was a tough decision for the Council. Several of the members of the council agreed with his statement.

There was then a motion made to adjourn the meeting.

By Kimberly Jenkins

[email protected]

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Reach Kimberly Jenkins (740)353-3101 ext. 1928

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