Adamo Group issues update on recovery mission

Staff report

ADAMS COUNTY — The search continues for missing Jamie Fitzgerald, who went missing after the roof of a decommissioned power plant in Adams County collapsed on Dec. 9.

Rescue crews have been on-site since Dec. 9 searching for Fitzgerald with no luck in recovering his body. The company recently released a statement annoucing the demonlition of a stack at the Killen Generating Station site, leaving many to question the efforts being made.

On Monday Jan. 4, The Adamo Group released a statement about the progress of the recovery.

“The Adamo Group is continuing the intricate recovery work at the Killen Generating Site in Adams County, Ohio, under a plan that ensures that all work is done as safely as possible as the focus continues to be on the recovery of Jamie Fitzgerald. Crews are working 10 hours a day, seven days a week on the recovery effort.

This is time consuming work that includes the removal of thousands of tons of debris in a manner that does not pose any dangers to our work crews and others at the site, including law enforcement and first responders. The recovery operation is proceeding with an intense sense of urgency. However, the recovery effort must be managed from a safety perspective. We ask for patience as the work continues on a daily basis.

The primary method of the recovery operation is mechanical utilizing excavators that are specially configured to operate hydraulic shears, grapples and other demolition work tools. Select excavators are also equipped with high-reach boom configurations that provide a significant increase in reach and height compared to standard excavator combinations.

Highly-trained operating engineers of these specialized machines will lead the process to demolish and disassemble the debris pile by cutting and breaking connections, then lifting and pulling sections of the structure off and away from the primary pile.

Some manual efforts will also be utilized, but manual methods pose higher risks in comparison to mechanical operations and will be minimized to ensure safety of the recovery crews.

Crews are currently working during daylight hours. Working in the dark impacts safety because hazards only visible during daylight are concealed and shadows from lights can inhibit the visibility and depth perception of heavy equipment operators.

Available daylight hours are being reviewed on a weekly basis and works hours will be adjusted to maximize productivity per shift.

The release stated the recovery plan was developed by the engineering firm of Thornton Tomasetti with input from The Adamo Group and in conjunction with the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

We continue to keep Jamie’s fiancée, family and friends in our thoughts and prayers.”

Staff report