Scioto County ready to enter Phase 1b soon

Staff report

PORTSMOUTH— Once the county receives an adequate amount of vaccine and the state gives approval, Scioto County is ready to enter Phase 1b of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout.

Phase 1b includes Ohioans 65 and older, those living with severe congenital, developmental or early-onset medical disorders, and adults who work in schools.When Phase 1b begins, the vaccine will be distributed by appointments to the 65+ population. Vaccinations for homebound seniors in this group will be coordinated by home health care agencies on an individual basis.

Exact dates and appointments for the vaccination clinics will not be available until Ohio gives the okay for counties to move into Phase 1b, and the local health departments receive enough vaccine doses.

Scioto EMA Director Larry Mullins said, “Scioto County and Portsmouth City Health Departments received a smaller shipment of vaccine doses than anticipated this week. They are, however, continuing to vaccinate residents in group and congregate homes and any medical and healthcare workers with the limited amount of vaccine that has been received.”

Over 2200 individuals have received the first dose of the Moderna vaccine since the local rollout of the COVID-19 vaccination began December 21. Currently, Scioto County leads the state in the percentage of the population that has been vaccinated, at just under 3%.

Residents are encouraged to monitor local radio and tv for updates on vaccination schedules, as well as, websites and social media pages for the Scioto EMA, Portsmouth City Health, and the Scioto County Health Department. When dates for the vaccination clinics are set, call 740-352-7020 for appointments.

Continue to do your part to stop the spread: Wear a mask, social distance, avoid gatherings, and get your vaccine when it is your turn.

Staff report