Commissioners report higher permissive sales tax

Staff Report

SCIOTO — The Scioto County Commissioners held a short session on Tuesday, reviewing and passing all 12 items on its agenda.

Along with the regular appropriations and transfers of funds, the Commissioners reported the county’s permissive sales tax results for September and reached an agreement between the Sanitary Engineer and the Green Local School District Board of Education.

The data from the Ohio Department of Taxation found the county collected $1,073,660 in sales tax in September, an increase of over $155,000 from that month last year.

“This demonstrates our county continues to grow and we are very glad to see that,” said Commissioner Bryan Davis.

According to ODT, the county has a total sales tax rate of 7.25% with 1.5% being locally-determined and the remaining 5.75% coming from the state. Most counties in Ohio, 54 in total, have the same tax rate as Scioto County.

The deal between Green Schools and the Engineer will be in regards to a access and sanitary sewer easement and development agreements, which Davis said is part of the new Purecycle sewer line force project.

The Commissioners will reconvene on Dec. 1 at 9:30 a.m.

Staff Report