Coleman to serve four more years

By Adam Black - [email protected]

SCIOTO — After an election that will go down in history, incumbent Cathy Coleman has secured her seat at the County Commissioners table for another four years.

Coleman (R), who took an early lead in the polls Tuesday evening, won with a total of 20,298 votes, compared to her opponent John McHenry’s (D) 9,891 votes. Colman has promised Scioto County residents to continue to fight for the county and bring new opportunities to the area.

“I am just overwhelmed with the outcome,” Coleman said. “I can’t thank the citizens of Scioto County enough.”

Coleman shared she was honored the first time she was elected to the Scioto County Commissioners but gave her late husband credit for the win. She claimed she knew people voted for her to fulfill her husband’s plans after his death, but she did it on her own during this election.

“It’s great to see that the county has faith in me and believes in what I am doing,” Coleman said. “It tells me that they trust me, and I won’t let them down.”

As for her plans in the future, Coleman said she, along with the other commissioners, wants to continue the county’s growth and infrastructure. Coleman shared that the county has had interest from businesses to come to the area and is excited to continue work along the 52 corridor and at the Regional Airport.

“Due to COVID-19, some of those businesses have been put on halt, but still show an interest in this area,” Coleman said. “Once it gets started, it will take off and it will benefit Scioto County long after I’m gone.”

With a vote gap between her opponent McHenry of more than 10,000 votes, Coleman shared she was pleased with the campaign she ran. Coleman said she never wanted to take the low road during her campaign and always held her head up high. She explained if she needed to take the gloves off and fight for the county and get something done, she would, but believes working together is the best way.

“I am not a politician,” Coleman said. “When I got this, I felt there was a higher power that had a plan for me and that’s why I became your commissioner.”

On Wednesday, Nov. 5, Coleman’s opponent McHenry took to social media to thank all his supporters and congratulate Coleman.

“To all you folks who supported me, I extend a heartfelt thank you. We fell short, but the message was true,” McHenry posted. “To my opponent Cathy Coleman I offer congratulations and hope the best for her and Scioto County. Press on.”

Coleman commended McHenry’s run for commissioner and believed anyone who feels a passion for running for office should do it. Coleman commented through the few times she has met McHenry, he was a pleasant gentleman.

“He is very passionate about this county and I encourage anyone who wants to run to do so. It is their right,” Coleman said. “I wish him the best.”

Along with growth for the county, Coleman looks forward to continuing her work for sound fiscal management, economic and community development and promotion, finding new and innovative ways to combat the opioid crisis and its effects on the children of our area, promote tourism, continue to clean up the blight in our community through work release programs, the solid waste district, and the county land bank.

“This election was me, and I realized the people have faith in me, support me and trust me,” Coleman said. “We have God in our corner, and I know he is smiling down on this county, and we will not let the residents down.”

By Adam Black

[email protected]

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Reach Adam Black at (740) 353-3101 ext. 1927, or by email at [email protected]

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