25 new cases, county remains Level 3 Red

Staff report

SCIOTO — The Scioto County and Portsmouth City Health Departments reported Thursday 25 new positive COVID-19 cases.

The new cases bring the total to 1,019 for the county since the outbreak of the virus.

The health departments also reported Thursday four more people who previously tested positive for the virus, have recovered, bringing the total of recoveries to 691 people through the course of the pandemic.

There were no additional hospitalizations reported Thursday so the total stays at 72 people that have been hospitalized, during the outbreak, in connection with the virus, or found to have the virus during their admission for other medical reasons. This number does not represent the number of people currently in the hospital in connection with COVID-19.

On Wednesday, due to a program failure the county health department uses to tabulate their daily numbers, the amount for Wednesday only counted cases from the city health department. Since Wednesday, the issue has been fixed and the county reported 19 new positive COVID-19 cases, one additional hospitalization, and 51 recoveries for Wednesday.

The Portsmouth City Health Department reported five new positive Covid cases, no additional hospitalizations, and seven recoveries.

Scioto County remains at a Level Three (Red) Public Health Emergency on the Ohio Department of Health’s (ODH) Public Health Advisory System (PHAS) again this week.

Level Three or “Red” means that the county is experiencing “Very High Exposure and Spread” of the COVID19 virus.

Scioto County only met three (3) of the seven (7) indicators on the PHAS this week including: Indicator 1: New Cases per Capita; Indicator 2: New Cases Increase; and Indicator 3: Non-Congregate Cases; and.

Indicators that were not met by Scioto County this week included: Indicator 4: Emergency Department Visits; Indicator 5: Outpatient Visits; Indicator 6: Hospital Admissions; and Indicator 7: ICU Bed Occupancy.

Scioto County will remain above Level 3 (Orange) until Indicator 1: New Cases per Capita drops below 100. This week Scioto County’s New Cases per Capita was at 256.26 per 100K.


Staff report