Senate to consider Portman’s anti-heroin bill

By Frank Lewis -

Senator Rob Portman spent the weekend putting a spotlight on the national epidemic of heroin, delivering the Republican weekly address on the issue and discussing what he says are his efforts to make a difference through the Comprehensive Addiction & Recovery Act.

The legislation, which is scheduled to be considered by the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday, represents what Portman calls – “a comprehensive approach to combatting this epidemic and helping those suffering from addiction recover, get their life back on track, and fulfill their God-given potential.”

“We received some exciting news today. Following its hearing, the Senate Judiciary Committee announced that it will consider our Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act measure on Thursday,” Portman said. “Once the committee approves the bill, it will be ready for action on the Senate floor. This is real progress, and I want to thank everyone who is supporting our efforts. That includes a special thank you to Tonda DaRe, whose testimony before the committee was a major success.”

DaRe founded Holly’s Song of Hope in June 2015 after losing her 21 year-old daughter Holly to addiction. U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.) also provided testimony.

“I believe the heroin epidemic in Ohio has reached crisis levels,” Portman said.

Locally, Portsmouth Police Chief Robert Ware declared heroin to be the new drug of choice in Portsmouth, replacing prescription medications because of the lower cost.

“We’ve still got much work to do to compat this heroin epidemic,” Portman said. “But I can assure youo that I’m not going to let up until the Senate passes this bill, the House follows suit, and the president signs it into law.”

By Frank Lewis

Reach Frank Lewis at 740-353-3101, ext. 1928, or on Twitter @franklewis.

Reach Frank Lewis at 740-353-3101, ext. 1928, or on Twitter @franklewis.