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Sonny and Mid Coriell celebrate 70 years of marriage

Sonny and Mid Coriell celebrate 70 years of marriage

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Many of us cannot imagine living and being in love with the same person for more than 70 years, but Sonny and Mid Coriell of Ashley Corner, have defied the odds and have not only been together for just that they say they are still in love.

The local couple has had their ups and downs and has survived war and death and are still a committed couple in a loving relationship. The Coriells met on a blind date arranged by Sonny’s cousin, who was also Mid’s best girlfriend, and that date led them through a lifetime together.

“I had never seen him before, we went to my older brother’s house, I felt safe there,” Mid Coriell said. “We dated, he went to East High School and I went to South Webster High School and we dated for two years before we got married.”

The couple has one living son, Wayne and two children that died as infants. Their daughter was ten weeks old and then a son was seven months old when they died. Sonny Coriell had been in the service in Korea and was home when their daughter died, but Mid Coriell said that right after that, Sonny went back to Korea.

“She was the only one keeping him out of the war and he served for two years,” Mid. said.

When Sonny Coriell came back, they went to Fort Knox for a while, until he was discharged. The couple then came back to Scioto County and he began working at the Williams Shoe Factory for 10 years until he joined his father in Coriell Construction, where he continues to work even at the age of 88. Mid Coriell shared that even though their son Wayne Coriell took over the business, Sonny Coriell has not really retired. She said that she worked at Colonial Florist in Wheelersburg for 27 years.

The couple have three grandsons who Mid Coriell said are very talented. Wesley, who owns Bulldog Dumpsters, Michael, who is a CPA at Appalachian Floors, and Isaac, who works for the gas company. She said that they are all builders, they move in a house, tear it apart, fix it the way they want it, and sell it and leave. Mid says her grandsons will even let her sit on their laps.

The Coriells are starting over, just like the newlyweds, they were 70 years ago. They have now sold their home and have moved into an apartment that they own and are getting all new furniture. After they sold almost everything from their home of 26 years. Mid Coriell said that they used to move every year they would have one house open and we’d be in one and they’d always buy the one they were in. Colonial Carpets at that time would always do the carpet and curtains, they’d just need to move the furniture.

“We’re just teenagers, we’re still in love if that means anything, we love to be together,” Mid Coriell said “When we tell somebody that, they look at us and think oh you poor people.” When she asked Sonny Coriell if there was anything he wanted to add, he humorously said that she had told everything.

Neither war, death of children, or life’s circumstances could keep this couple apart and as much in love as they were so many years ago. An example of long lasting love can be seen through this couple who have had a business in our community for decades and have a family that continues to keep that business going to this day.

Sonny and Mid Coriell celebrate 70 years of marriage and Mid Coriell celebrate 70 years of marriage Submitted Photo

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