Friends of Portsmouth to participate in National Clean Up Day

Staff report

PORTSMOUTH — Friends of Portsmouth, a local nonprofit organization involved with community growth and prosperity, will be participating in National Cleanup Day Sept. 19.

The Friends of Portsmouth plan to clean sidewalks and curbs by power-washing and pulling weeds where needed from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Chillicothe Street and Second Street. The meeting place is the corner of 10th Street and Chillicothe Street at Tracy Park.

There will also be a dedication ceremony to commemorate Plant Portsmouth and the World Record in 2018.

“We want to participate in this event for our community to take some self-pride and feel good about their city,” said Bryan Smith of Friends of Portsmouth. “We want visitors to come into town and see a city that takes pride, so they will want to revisit. Overall, this helps our local businesses and economy. We will have future cleanup Oct. 24 and Nov. 21.”

Interested participants can visit the Friends of Portsmouth Facebook page to sign-up on the events section on Eventbrite.

Staff report