Commissioners discuss Children’s Services working with Job & Family Services

By Kimberly Jenkins - [email protected]

SCIOTO — The Scioto County Commissioners held their regularly scheduled meeting on Thursday, Aug. 20, with all three members present. They approved or accepted the following items on the agenda:

1 – Approving Minutes of Aug. 18 meeting

2 – Ohio Department of Taxation/Permissive Sales Tax/ June 2020 was Accepted.

3 – Request for Appropriation Transfer of Funds was Approved.

4 – Engineer/Change Order 2020 Washington Blvd. waterline Replacement was Approved.

5 – Access Scioto County Public Transit /2020 Cares Act Invoice Certification was Approved.

6 – Request for Appropriations of Funds was Approved.

7- Scioto County Children’s Service (SCCS) & Job and Family Services (JFS) Director/Scioto County Children’s Services Director/Communication/Employee Sharing Acknowledgment was accepted was discussed later in the meeting.

8-Approving Payments/Various Funds Docket, Then & Now Certificates and Moral Obligations was also Approved.

Questions from the audience:

Sam McKibben asked about the Go Rail and Commissioner Bryan Davis said that they were about the use of rail and they wanted to talk about promoting rail services and he said that they told them they would be willing to speak with them.

Commissioners were also asked about Item No. 7 on the agenda.

Commissioner Bryan Davis said that they are seeing that Jason Mantell, Director Scioto County Children’s Services, is doing a wonderful job a lot of hard work to work on things so that what has happened in the past doesn’t happen again. He said that they are reorganizing. He said that the Director of Job and Family Services, Tammy Morton, came to them with an idea under the Ohio Revised Code and can be done. “We are quite happy that they are going to be working together in this capacity.” Item 7 is about work that the Jobs and Family Services and Scioto County Children’s Services and doing employee sharing.

Davis continued, “A few of the improvements include enhanced communication, streamlined processes, and maximization of funding allocations. The most significant benefit will be clients being served most efficiently and effectively as possible. That he said was signed by both directors Jason Mantell and Tammy Morton. Davis said that they have got to up the game, Davis said that sharing is of no cost to taxpayers and they are looking forward to seeing how this will unfold.

Commissioner Cathy Coleman said that they were impressed with the enthusiasm at SCCS with JFS and she thinks it is a good thing. Davis also said that they were told that all new placements are not placed without thorough background checks and that those who had already been placed without background checks are all being done now.

Commissioner Mike Crabtree mentioned that the State of Ohio needs to update the living requirements for placement.

McKibben asked about the land banks and Commissioner Davis said that they had just held an auction and COVID has slowed that down some.

By Kimberly Jenkins

[email protected]

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Reach Kimberly Jenkins (740)353-3101 ext. 1928

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