Taxes and Halloween were discussed at New Boston Council

By Kimberly Jenkins - [email protected]

The regularly scheduled second meeting in August for the New Boston Village Council was held with Zoom on Tuesday evening. All members of the Council were present along with the mayor, Junior Williams.

The mayor read a communication from American Legion Post 363 in Lucasville, a certificate of commendation thanking the New Boston Police Department stating that it’s comforting to see the New Boston Police Department out and in businesses in New Boston. It continued that it is nice to see the dedication and thank all the officers who are looking out for people’s safety and protection. This was a Certificate of Appreciation, and Councilman Jon Mills made a motion accept and to file with Councilman Ottney seconding the motion and all were in favor.

Mayor Williams said that he had received a notice from the Scioto County Board of Elections that the clerk has submitted the information and that they will have a tax levy renewal on the November. He added that this is not a tax increase, it is just a renewal.

Councilman Dan Fetty asked about contact with the bank and if they could just ask for a line of credit when working on the money needed for particular items. Village Clerk, Lana Loper said that she thought that would be a good idea and Mayor Williams said that he remembered asking before but it was a long time ago. Legal Counsel, Justin Blume brought up the fact that if you hold a line of credit it would probably cost interest and that there will be a charge of an annual fee. Councilman Fetty mentioned that possibly the fee would be all and maybe it would be without interest. The council discussed checking into this process to see.

Police Chief Steven Goins was excused from the meeting he had placed a file in the Village Council’s packet.

There was then the 1st reading of Ordinance 29-2020 Ordinance amending section 131.02 of the codified Ordinance the Village of New Boston Ordinance 20-2020 to amend the maximum number of police department officers/employees and their rank. Councilman Ralph Imes made a motion to accept and Councilman Ryan Ottney seconded it with all members in favor.

First reading of Ordinance 30-2020 amending section 133.04 of the Codified Ordinance of the Village of New Boston Ordinance 3-2016 to amend the number of Fire Department employees and their rank. Councilman Mills made a motion to accept and Councilman Imes seconded with all in favor.

A Resolution 21-2020 accepting the amounts rates as determined by the budget commission authorizing the necessary tax levies and certifying them to the county auditor and declaring an emergency. Councilman Mills made a motion to suspend the rules with Councilman Mike Meehan seconding and all members were in favor. Then Councilman Mills made a motion to adopt and Councilman Ottney came in with a second and it was then adopted.

The mayor then moved to new business:

Councilman Meehan asked whether they had even thought about Halloween and Trick and Treat. Councilman Mills said that he had spoken to Scioto County Commissioner Bryan Davis and that they were leaning on having it on October 31st. Mayor Williams stated that things change daily and right now, we don’t know. It was then mentioned that if schools were in session then, why not? This was just a discussion, not a decision for right now.

Councilman Meehan stated that based on current things happening in our area, did the employees of New Boston have drug testing and it was stated that New Boston was a Drug-Free work plan and that they are tested randomly. Councilman Meehan then discussed if the Village had equipment if there would be a riot or if they would be able to back up if someone needed them. It was discussed that they would need to discuss this with Cheif Goins and the mayor said that he would see what he could find out.

The meeting was then adjourned.

By Kimberly Jenkins

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Reach Kimberly Jenkins (740)353-3101 ext. 1928

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