Final group of local schools reopening plans

By Kimberly Jenkins -

New Boston Local Schools

New Boston Local Schools

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SCIOTO — As school time approaches even sooner now, this is the last group of instruction for students at their schools. Even with this information, keep in mind all of these are scheduled to change daily. The Portsmouth Daily Times will continue to keep people from all local districts informed of changes as we get the information.

New Boston Local Schools has its reopening plans now posted on the school’s website. (For a full plan)

Pointing to just some things that may be different from other schools already posted, and mainly discussing things while in the Orange Level, which is what Scioto County is in as of print time. If we are directed to significantly reduce the number of students we have on-site, we will strive to continue to serve each student on-site to the extent possible with an emphasis on early learners, students with special needs, and those with unreliable internet service. We are working to schedule core class sizes below classroom capacity also.

• Students will be spaced apart at tables

• Student supplies will not be shared and materials will be sanitized after each use

Students will eat breakfast in classrooms

• Students and staff will wash hands before and after lunches

• We will use paper bags or disposable trays, utensils and individual condiments packets

Online remote learning provided for families who choose to not send their student(s) to school :

Notify the school principal if you wish to do online school by Aug. 3, 2020. Families may change from online to on-site learning at each quarter.

In order to prepare for students reentering school, please notify the school three weeks before the quarter your student will change from online to on-site learning.

While on buses, all will wear masks and students, like so many others, will be on a staggered schedule with Fridays being remote learning for all.

The school will take temperatures of staff and students twice daily (morning & afternoon).

They also posted that they will provide additional instructional supports to: Students at risk of not graduating. Students who are identified as being behind by teachers and parents and students with disabilities.

Sciotoville Community Schools (East) Superintendent Foresta Shope has posted on Facebook a short video for her school’s parents and students. Some of the key points that may vary from others were that when adults bring children to school, they must wait until those children pass the temperature check before leaving. Shope spoke on the minimizing of the congregation of students and that for now, the students will not be using playground equipment. She also made a point to assure parents that traditional Instruction will be provided for five days a week for each child.

Shope stated that all classes will be videoed and if your child is doing distant learning, and they have English at 8:30 a.m. then your child will link in at 8:30 a.m. and be able to learn at the same time as their peers. SCS will also be using a split schedule of school attendance MW/TTH and that Friday will be distant learning with STAR assessments and remediation that the student’s teacher deem as necessary. As for food service, Shope stated that kitchen staff will wear masks and have their temperature taken twice a day; and that students who eat breakfast will pick up their breakfast on their way to their classrooms and that those not physically attending school will have meals either delivered on their regular bus route or there will be assigned pickup sites. School is slated to open for students August 19, 2020.

Notre Dame Principal Notre Dame Jr/Sr High School, J.D. McKenzie, wrote a beginning letter that began with: As the Covid-19 situation and guidance continue to change, our plans will also continue to change.

“Our goal is to return to normal operations to the fullest extent permitted by research-based health and safety guidelines. Our reopening plan was developed by our school COVID-19 task force. The plan takes into account guidance from the Columbus Diocese and Ohio Departments of Education and Health,” the school posted.

Please contact the school office by Aug. 14, if you believe the distance learning option will be the best choice for your family. The school wants to be sure that they are prepared to accommodate all students, whether in the classroom or through distance learning. A decision to participate in distance learning is not a long-term commitment. Students will be welcome to return to the classroom at any time.

By working with small groups of students each day, Notre Dame will be able to teach students the new routines and safety measures, assess each student academically after the summer break, and provide each student with his or her books and supplies. Students will attend the full day and should bring with them their start-of-the-year supplies.

Notre Dame is slated to open August 25 through 28 on a gradual reopening with a staggered schedule and a full schedule to start Monday, Aug. 31, 2020. All students in the building, open five days a week, with inperson classes.

Whether you choose to keep your children at home for a period, your children choose to stay at home, or you prepare your child to attend school following your individual school guidelines, there are so many unanswered questions and changes that can happen at any time as this school year begins.

New Boston Local Schools Boston Local Schools Courtesy Photo

By Kimberly Jenkins

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Reach Kimberly Jenkins (740)353-3101 ext. 1928

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