DeWine issues mandate for masks at school

COLUMBUS — Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine announced Tuesday an order that will require face masks for schools K-12.

DeWine said all schools will require students to wear masks unless they have a disability that will prevent them from removing it themselves or causes distress. DeWine said they are working with FEMA to distribute two million masks to the schools.

“Doctors now advise that kids K-12 wear a mask. This morning, the Ohio Children’s Hospital Association & Ohio Pediatricians jointly recommended masks for all kids returning to school,” DeWine said during his COVID-19 update.

DeWine stated that his office is working with FEMA to get schools masks to be distributed to school districts across the state.

“We are working with FEMA to distribute 2 million masks to schools for use by students and staff. We’ll deliver these to regional education service centers serving as our distribution partners so schools and families have access to the resources they for the coming school year,” DeWine said.

During the news conference, DeWine also gave an update on sports stating that his office and OHSAA are working closely together to finalize a plan for contact fall sports.

“We are still working with OHSAA to finalize that plan and we are still considering options that accommodate both health and practical considerations for athletes, coaches and fans,” DeWine said.

Ohio had 90,041 confirmed coronavirus cases with 5,065 probable cases for a total of 95,106. There have been 3,301 confirmed deaths with 269 probable for a total of 3,570. Overall, there have been 11,119 hospitalized with 2,593 in intensive care.