KDMC updates visitation policy

Staff report

ASHLAND Ky. — King’s Daughter Medical Center has adjusted its visitation policy once again as COVID cases continue to rise both in Ohio and Kentucky.

On Monday KDMC released its updated visitation policy on social media that would take effect immediately.

“At King’s Daughters, we understand healthcare is stressful and we are doing our very best to allow visitors and caregivers in our facilities. However, to continue this, we need our community’s cooperation with our visitation guidelines,” The post stated.

KDMC said during the pandemic, limiting the number of visitors in facilities is important to the health and safety of their patients and team members. Effective Monday, July 27, KDMC is implementing the following revised policy:

• ALL patients, visitors and caregivers in our facilities must wear a mask or face covering, regardless of the location where the patient is being seen or treated.

• Masks/face covers are not optional and must be in place upon entering the building and before the viral screen (temperature check/health/travel questions) is completed.

Patients and visitors are permitted to wear their own cloth mask or face covering.

• If you do not have a face mask, we will provide one.

A visitor or support person is a guest who provides comfort and companionship to the patient, but whose presence is not necessary for the patient’s health or safety.

A caregiver is a person who accompanies the patient to provide ongoing care, assisting with hearing, seeing or understanding; mobility limitations; and other activities of daily living. A caregiver is essential to ensuring the individual’s overall health and safety.

INPATIENTS (in a room) and/or those having SURGERY or OTHER INVASIVE PROCEDURE

• Adult patients (18 years and over) are allowed one adult visitor or caregiver.

• Pediatric patients (under 18) are allowed both parents or guardians during the hospital procedure or surgery, but only one parent may stay overnight.

All visitors and caregivers accompanying the patient:

• Must wear a mask/face cover and pass the viral screening. Those who do not pass the screening will not be permitted to enter.

• Will be issued a pass that must be worn at all times.

• Only one visitor or caregiver is permitted at any time for patients over age 18; additional guests are not permitted. Family members may not rotate in and out.

• Visitor will remain in the designated waiting area or the patient’s room.

• Visitor must wear a face mask at all times, including while in the patient room. The face mask must cover the entire nose, mouth and chin.

• If an adult patient is determined to need a caregiver, designated caregivers may occasionally rotate to allow 24-hour care.

• Exceptions will be considered for end of life care or for critically ill patients. However, as critically ill patients improve, the standard visitor restrictions will apply.

Patients having a diagnostic test, outpatient service, or seeing a doctor or other provider may be accompanied by one support person over age 18.

• Only bring a support person if necessary. We reserve the right to deny entry to support persons based on space, social distancing and other criteria.

• Masking and viral screening procedures apply in all locations, including medical office buildings, primary and urgent care centers.


Staff report