Commissioners approve resolutions for COVID relief

By Adam Black - [email protected]

PORTSMOUTH — The Scioto County Commissioners have passed three resolutions to fulfill the requirements of HB481 to receive and expend federal funds provided from the CARES Act.

On Tuesday, Scioto County Commissioners met for their regularly scheduled meeting to discuss several items on the agenda including relief funds to be distributed to qualifying local and county governments. All three commissioners passed the three resolutions to establish the fund for if/when they receive and distribute the funds.

“We do not know how much it is yet,” Commissioner Bryan Davis said. “We sat with our auditor last week and discussed this, but once we receive those funds, we will sit down and figure out that formula (how to distribute). We are not there yet.”

Davis shared once they received the funds, they would discuss how the federal dollars would be distributed to those in the county and local communities.

“We definitely want to make sure it goes to the entities that took the greatest hits,” Davis said. “Will there be enough to cover all those? We don’t know yet.”

Davis explained that the entities the funds would be distributed to would include the Scioto County EMA, sheriff’s department, local and township EMT’s, where they spent a lot of money during the COVID pandemic they otherwise would not have.

“We don’t even know how much, but this is the formality,” Davis said. “We had to set up the system, the fund for the money to go into, and then the resolutions to say it’s OK for us to be that agent to distribute those funds.”

During the meeting, commissioners also discussed what concerns they had with the reopening of the state and country from COVID-19.

“All of us have been watching it real close,” Davis said. “For some reason, it looks like there is a resurge in the southern states, I don’t know why, but we are watching it.”

Davis shared that he saw a post on social media by Dr. Byers from SOMC recently titled “where we are today” about the Coronavirus. Davis explained that the post stated that residents still need to maintain social distancing, wash their hands thoroughly, and, if possible, wear a mask.

“Is it over? No, it’s not, we have had several cases here in Scioto County,” Davis said. “I think we stand at 21. We go several days without, and then all of a sudden, we pick up one or two and continue to see this process in our own community.”

Davis said the county had been very blessed through the pandemic with not having many cases of COVID-19 and no deaths from the virus.

“This is a real thing, COVID is real and for some populations, it is very, very dangerous,” Davis said. “If you are above the age of 85, there is a 5,000% more chance of getting COVID then a 19-year-old. We have an older population here and we need to take care of them.”

Davis shared Scioto County EMA and other organizations are accumulating PPE in the case of a resurge throughout the county. He said first responders have not stopped even though the mission of Scioto County EMA has changed from active to inactive.

“They are accumulating PPE like crazy,” Davis said. “It’s coming in, we are stockpiling, and God forbid it comes back in the fall, or we see a great outbreak here, we are getting ready for that just in case.”

By Adam Black

[email protected]

Adam Black can be reached at 740-353-3501 EXT. 1927 or by email at [email protected]

Adam Black can be reached at 740-353-3501 EXT. 1927 or by email at [email protected]