Pet of the Week: Watson

By Ivy Potter - [email protected]



Watson is a 10-year-old pug that was adopted by Andrew McManus.

“Many years ago my Ex asked me EVERY SINGLE DAY for a dog and eventually I caved,” said McManus. McManus said he found an add on craigslist when he lived in Columbus from a couple that had a litter of pugs and he took the runt of the litter home with him. Originally named Houston, as a puppy Watson would chew on shoelaces and it was only a matter of time until McManus fell in love with him. “We bonded over crashing on the couch together over a few months and he stayed with me,” said McManus.

McManus said that everything about Watson is special. “He can high five for one, actually high five as well as shake. He’s very smart and loves everybody. He thinks he’s tough at the dog park but he’s really all talk and he should probably be a diabetic because he always tries to eat candy,” said McManus.

According to McManus, Watson is not a fan of vegetables of any kind.

McManus said that Watson is easily of his best friends and an excellent companion.

“He’s my number 2. He’s honestly one of my best friends,” said McManus. “We’ve been through so much together now we can add a global pandemic to the list. He’s funny and snores like an old man. He has to be under the covers because he’s always cold and grunts as if he’s trying to talk. It’s essentially like I have an old small man as a roommate that eats all the food.”


By Ivy Potter

[email protected]